Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Chez Delaney Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

How's everybody? Frantically spent after all that Black Friday shopping and looking forward to Cyber Monday lol!  I did very little shopping though their were some epic online bargains to be had! It was hard to not buy ALL the polish and ALL the plates.  I just got a few small things and while I was doing my usual online stalkery I came across the silent sleeper that kills which is Chez Delaney. I swear if plate makers could become assassins Veronique would be one.  She always stealthily releases plates that make me drool and honestly this is a brand that needs more press.  She's not getting nearly enough attention for some of the heartstoppingly gorgeous and delicate patterns she has created! So let me amend that for you now....


Angels and Plumes is one of my favorite new collections! Feathers and angel wings and plumage.  Resistible? Not in the slightest I love them all!


Animaux is also new and the cats and birds are beautifully rendered!  But it only gets better...


Country girls and cowgirls alike dig in your spurs cause these plates are beyond cool!  Look at all the dreamcatchers and boots!  Bucking bronchos, silhouettes, and more! I may not have mentioned this but one of my favorite movies in the entire world is The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.  Ah Clint Eastwood and spaghetti westerns.  Handsome....


Lace lace and more lace.  Remember that trend post I did a few months ago? This is totally a movement now!  Dentelle 003 is causing me to have plate-gasms.  Ugh dying! I need this one badly!


Good lord these abstracts are everything! Um yeah...I also love these swirl looking thicker lined images on the left plate! J'adore!

Stamping watermarble is not new but this size is the best for ladies with long nails.  What is new is are these fairy images.  OMG do you see that little gnome and the unicorns!  Ah Pegagsus.  I omg I'm at a loss for words.....gimme!


Once upon a time I was a girl wishing for all the plates.  These are the plates I wished for! Look at the little cartoonized knight! Seriously so many plategasms!


Fete or party or a good time.  Take your pick and it will still be awesome. I need this champagne plate with the new years stamps!


Chez Delaney floral plates always make me drool.  She is doing something with flowers that is GORGEOUS.  Hivers  is new I love all the sweaters and the snowman village at the bottom. Obviously another plate I need.  Obviously you need it too!


This is a cool way to create some unique lace and lined nail art or sweater nails!


This last plate is gorgeous looked at the hanging lace one!  Marin is back with a Hawaiian twist. Look at the baby lobster.  Yum!


Suddenly I really want a beach drink and a tiki hut.  Its the start of winter here.  Obviously there aren't enough beach drinks in the world for me right now!  I need a pool boy as well...


Ok I just realized these baby/pregnancy plate are adorbs then I saw the stork images on the right plate and what appears to by flying elephants and I was like KAWAII!!! I don't need these but suddenly I'm like hmmm who is pregnant so I can do baby shower nails lol!


Baby pigs and chicks! Still cute.  Food plates are seem to be cropping up everywhere these days.  I'm not as into these images, but they make me hungry!


YAS! Look at these cool tatoo images!  It's offically badass season and this plate is crazy cool.   And even more delicious is the floral plate that is next to it.  Be still my heart!

Ok so what do you think?  Favorites? Must haves? I know you want those Ferrique plates! I almost died when I saw those. One thing I think you ladies should know is that recently Veronique has decreased the cost of international shipping drastically.  Thank god because that used to be a severely limiting factor for me.  Now if you spend over 65 Euros shipping drops to 5 Euros and if you spend over 85 Euros the shipping is free.  Easy to do this with all the new and stunning plates she has released.   These plates retail for 6.90 Euros while you are over there you might want to check out her plastic scraper.  It used to be my favorite until I lost it.  It has a little lip on the edge that makes every scrape flawless. Yup!  Ok stamp champs happy hunting and don't forget to wipe up all that drool before you head out ;)


  1. Woah! Looks like a ton of great fun! I'm jealous!

  2. Lol jealous of what? I don't have all these plates! I'm drooling over them just like everybody else ;)


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