Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MoYou London Cookbook Collection Nailart Stamping Plate Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Opps opps opps Friday has passed and the MoYou London plates have released! Alas I don't have access to my computer as I used to.  What's a girl to do? Because she loves you she uses this frustrating blogger app to create her posts using her Ipad and on occasion she hits up the public library.  New York is wonderful like that but jeez I am missing the district!

Cherry again.....let me stress this - the new plates in this collection are cute but I really really want them to release their holiday plates earlier this year! Um you are going to release holiday plates right MoYou?

Shrimp something about a barbe lol again super cute! Loving all the little baby squids too!

The smaller version of the prior plate.

Vegan love.  I love vegan cupcakes from hello cupcake and that's all.  If I were a vegan I'd probably be dead by now.....just saying :)

Smaller version of the larger.  So what can I say about these plates really? They dint register as must haves for me.  They are cute.  Cut food manis I'm starting to feel though that their application is limited in scope.  There are a few I would buy like the tea plate but none are absolutely necessary in what these days seem to be a sea of plates.  Anyone else feel the same! In any case these plates released this Friday on the MoYou London website and retail for 4.99GPB.  Happy hunting stamparellas and I'll see you next post....

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