Friday, September 19, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: CIci & SIsi Nail Art Stamping Plates Live on Amazon!

Hey stamp champs,

Short post wihcih is pretty much an update of my previous post about the new nail art stamping plate sets released from Cici & Sisi last week.  You can read about that here, but both sets are now available on Amazon where they had previously only been available on the Cici & Sisi website with somewhat cost prohibitive shipping. I meant to share this info a few days ago, but honestly I was hoping that they would have posted the images for Set 3 by the weeks' end however they still haven't. They have released all the images for Set 4 however you can kind of eyeball the plates for Set 3 from the side. Let's take a look at the rest of Set 4 since we have all tie images now.

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Still a bit hard to see everything well due to the size but Amazon does allow you to zoom in on the images slightly.

 This is Set 3 see how I mean you can kind of eyeball the images from the side? You can't really see everything, but at least it's better than the previous offerings.

Ok so Set 3 is available here and Set 4 is available here on  You can also purchase the plates on the Cici & Sisi website.  Each set retails for $29 and if you purchase more than one or additional items that total over $35 (easy enough to do on Amazon) you will qualify for Super Saver Shipping.  Now I will say honestly, that I am not fully sold on either of the new sets.  After looking closely at Set 4 I see many image that are similar or exact dupes of other plates. A few images are phenomenal, but overall I don't know if it's worth the investment for a few images in an entire set of plates.  For now I'm holding off on doing any purchasing in leiu of more images and also a few other amazing plates are going to be releasing shortly that I have my little beady eye on.  In any case happy hunting ladies and should the other images of Set 3 release I will update my post accordingly! See you next post...

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