Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloween 2017: Holographic Glitter Ghosts + Tutorial!

Happy Tuesday stamp champs,

Its Halloween in case you missed my posts on my favorite plates for the holiday.  Let me say it again its mutha-f-ing Halloween!  Ok pause.  It is not Halloween at least not yet, but my nails don't know the difference and I wouldn't care if they did.  Let me pause again to say thank you to those of you who reached out to me after coming back.  Honestly at times I feel like my readers don't care or don't notice and move on.  In some ways it makes it harder to come back, but when I see the comments it makes me grateful and humble that maybe across the world across the nation I have bonds with women that I have never met over something as trivial as nails.  It's a joy and I thank you all for it. Ok so enough sap let's talk about these holographic ghosts!

Moyra Foil Stamping Polish - you dirty girl you!  Mmmm.  I love this stuff!  Its like crack and yumminess and nail porn and fantasies all coming together.  You can do AMAZING stuff with this jazz!  I need to make a video just on all the amazing stuff you can do with this polish and believe me when I say you can do a LOT! So yeah I love it and yeah it's featuring in my first Halloween mani of the season.  Eat it up!

📌Holographic Super Fine Silver Glitter:  https://goo.gl/XpC3bc
📌Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat: http://goo.gl/IPBks5 or https://goo.gl/WTa6cc (Lot of 3)
📌Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat: http://goo.gl/MqgMsR (ebay) or https://goo.gl/GnK7nx (Amazon)
📌UNT Peel Off Basecoat: https://goo.gl/3PcaVj
📌Neodymium Magnet (US Seller): http://goo.gl/quedyk
📌Neodymium Magnet (Various worldwide options): http://goo.gl/FvueO4
📌 Moyra Foil Stamping Polish 02 (Silver): https://goo.gl/6N2mu9 (out of stock at all resellers as well unfortunately!
📌 Bunny Nails HD-C: https://goo.gl/K5VNXA
📌 Masura Obsidian and Masura 904-169: www.masura.ru

I've talked about Bunny Nail plates for seasonal mani's for years.  Every time I can't find and image I want I go look at these plates and I'm like oh.  Got it!  I was trying to find solid ghosts.  Running through my mental catalogue what I actually wanted was a print of solid ghosts and HD-C is the only plate I own right now that has those except one Sugar Bubbles plate in which the images are too small.  The new UberChic Halloween 3 also has solid ghosts, but I don't own that one yet... So enter Bunny Nails.  If you follow me on Snapchat you may have seen me putzing around with these images and powders trying to get shit right.  I'm a believer in the swatch stick pre-practice mani these days. Saves me some troubles.

Ah that's right faux gel extensions.  Lets talk about that.  My nails are f-ed up right now.  From work from moving from life.  I have not been hydrating the way I should with nail oil nightly etc.  My hands are showing it badly.  My nails keep breaking.  Its frustrating right now the longest nails I have are my thumb and pinkie.  I'm not a short nail girl.  I don't like how it looks because of my wide and long nail beds which each are roughly 1 inch or more before starting to extend as tips.  They look stubby - ew.  So I added gel tips.  I have perfected this craft over the years namely for when I break a nail badly mid swatch.   I do this with hard gel and my UV or LED lamp, yes I have both, so if you are interested I can post a how to.  Note my faux nail tips do have a c-curve and are thin.  I'm very particular about that.  I don't put them down to last so they peel off quickly.  That's good for me because I don't want gels stunting or diminishing my natural nail growth.

Um what did I miss here - oh the holographic glitter.  I got this jazz on Amazon after discovering the holo glitter mani done by TwiStar.  Her nails are divine.  These glitters are also divine and are part of the set she purchased on her glitter application video.  This glitter is fine and it has to be to stick to the foil stamping polish.  The microns are large enough though that you get huge holo payoff.  Love this stuff!

Finally Masura accent because magnetic polish all the things! Literally I mean have you seen the FUN Lacquer Anniversary magnetic trio?  Be still my heart!  Anyway its a simple accent and I blackened the edges up with a fan brush to make my script pop.

So what do you think? Why am I already behind in my planned Halloween mani's?  Gah!  Anyway I like this.  It's been a while since I took photos so they feel slightly rough to me.  I'll apologize since I'm working on a new set up in for my current apartment.

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