Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazon Strikes Again: Good Customer Service

 Hey polished prisoners,

I wanted to give a quick little shout-out to the customer service peeps over at Amazon.com particularly Zander.  I was sitting down this afternoon flipping through my Shany 2012 plates when I realized one of my plates was missing. 

My missing plate!

Cue tragic music... I was totally bummed since I placed that order at the end of May and the return date just passed on the 6th of this month.  Why was I contemplating returns you ask? I wasn't but Amazon can be persnickety about windows of contact when the returns policy is closed. I just wanted to get the 25th plate and get the heck out of dodge.  

I will admit going through my old orders and not being able to get a contact link was horrible.  I searched the Shany website that had a number listed that was no longer in service (nice), but was eventually able to backtrack in some insane way to live chat via amazon to address the missing part of my order.  Enter Zander.  I'm embarrassed to say I had to explain to him in detail what nail stamping plates are via live chat.  AWKWARD.  Lol - I can picture this man's face just being like women and shaking his head.  Nevertheless after a bit of finagling the replacement plate is on it's way to me with no need to return a darn thing.  Get down!

Usually in the blog-a-sphere we write reviews about customer service gone wrong.  Wrong orders, long waits, bad attitudes, etc, but this was by far one of the best experiences I had so I had to give Amazon their due.  Something similar happened to me last year as well with my old Bundle Monster plates.  That time it was Bundle Monster that stepped up 2 years out from an order and replaced my defective plate no questions asked.  With service like this I can't help but thinking that we lacqueristas have been very blessed!  Anyone else have any experiences like this?

UPDATE: Amazon went ahead and sent me the entire set again via 2 day mail! I already have my replacements!  See what I mean - flawless customer service.  Thanks so much Zander :)

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