Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plates Have Arrived!

Hello polished prisoners,

I'm so happy to be discussing this newest find today!  I discovered Vivid Lacquers on one of my many stalking voyages on Etsy.  I think even with the amount of posts I have up so far you can tell I am a patron of the indie arts (ohohoho <- old lady laugh). So of course when I saw a new indie with stamping plates over a month ago I had my pre-order submitted faster than you can say go, and they finally arrived today.  Squee!

Here's some shots of the plates up close in black and white so you could see each image clearly. 

VL-001 Nail Art Stamping Plate - Skulls, plaid, parrot, ribbon, xoxo, stars, tiara, paw prints, heartVL-002 Nail Art Stamping Plate - half moon, geometric shapes, squares, honeycomb, butterfly wing, balloons, snail,  dinosaur, stars

The plates images are quite large.  I did a comparison and they are as large as the images on my Dashica plates if not larger and certainly larger than my BM or Konad images.  I'm pretty pleased by that especially since my nails are quite long these days and having a big image to play with makes my life easier stamping wise.   I did a quick stamping QC check that I uploaded to Youtube that you can check out below.  I chose to test them using both Konad Special polishes as well as another of my most reliable non-Konad stamping polishes.  I was happy with the results though clumsy in my execution (hangs head in shame).

In addition to the plates, I also ordered the Cookies and Cream polish from Vivid Lacquers and Anni, sweetheart that she, is threw in a Theoretical Rocker polish as a gift! I haven't had a chance to play with either yet but I can't wait.

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plates
Ugh look at the cute little backing on these!

You can buy the Vivid Lacquer stamping plates and polishes here on Etsy.  The plates are $8 each + shipping and she also has other polishes available that you can check out as well.  Anni's a doll and really has fast response time to any inquires or issues you might have.  Plus a little birdy told me that more image plates are on the way and I may have seen an awesome preview that has me salivating for more! Thanks for reading and here's to happy stamping!


  1. I really like the new VL plates, too. I did an impromptu mani the with butterfly wing stamp when they first arrived the other night, and it stamped really well and looked SO elegant!

    1. Yes they are awesome! If you like that stamp you will find my next post to be right up your alley (wink wink)!


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