Monday, November 12, 2012

Gray Matter or Grey Matters...???

Hiya polished prisoners,

It's another foray into my endless box of untrieds! Today I have a polish for you that filled my lacquer loving soul with pure incendiary lust from the moment I set eyes on it.  It was everything I ever dreamed of - the beauty of a medium grey tone combined with pink, green, blue, and silver hex glitters with holographic and multi-colored micro glitter, and lord even more brilliant it's named after one of physiology's greatest wonders - the brain (yeah I'm a geek I know).  Holy moly ladies and gents I almost fell off my chair!  I immediately started stalking the polish makers shop waiting for a restock and then eagerly scooped it up.  Man I'm hyping it up aren't I?  Hehe.  I'm referring to none other than Pound of Glitters Gray Matter or what I like to call lust in a bottle.

Lacquer Lockdown - Pound of Glitter Gray Matter, gray holographic nail polish, indie glitter nail polish, swatch

Have you ever owned a polish you couldn't bare to open?  I stared at this polish for the last 4 months, never swatching it just drooling over the bottle and giggling to myself (yeah creepy).  Today I finally let it out to play and I'm so glad I did!  For the record gray is one of my favorite shades of polish of all time.  I want to own all the gray polishes in a manner which I know is completely insane.  If it's holo I want it and if its a jelly why isn't it already in my stash?  Well this one is just phenomenal!  This is three thin coats but I probably could have done it in two however I wanted the glitter placement on the nails "just so".  I didn't have to do any real fishing for the glitter either.  It came out of the bottle perfectly on the brush and the finish itself was very smooth despite the glitter.  This one is a 10/10 for me.

Lacquer Lockdown - Pound of Glitter Gray Matter, gray holographic nail polish, indie glitter nail polish, swatch
Check out all that microglitter and holo goodness!

Alas if you are looking for Gray Matter, you may be in the words of my mama, be SOL (interpret as you will).  Pound of Glitter has closed her shop for now so I don't have a source for her though you may still be able to reach her via email if you search for Pound of Glitter under Etsy.  Please stay tuned for my nail art with this polish after I wipe up all my drool.  Thanks so much for reading and see you next post! Toodles...


  1. GORGEOUS !! You know what?? You were the one who got me into buying this and guess what??? It is still untried !!!!!!! LOL !!

    1. Lol! Funny! I remember that!!! You need to try it! I loved it so much I begged my mom to buy it after that restock and then promptly put it on my shelf to drool over!

  2. Stunning! I love it and need it in my stash :)


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