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Plates I Love Interview: Messy Mansion Nail Art

Hey lacqueristas and fellow stampaholics,

As you know I've started up this new feature called Plates I Love! on my blog.  Today's post is part deux of my Messy Mansion feature.  If you didn't read Part 1 check it out here. Today I got the chance to pick the brains, so to speak, of the creator and owner of  Messy Mansion nail art plates Julia McGowan, and I think you are gonna like what she has to say!  So without further ado let's start the show ;)

When did you become interested in nail art and what led you to stamping nail art in particular?

Around 18 months ago, I decided that I'd had enough of mud, pirates, and dinosaurs.  As the mother of two little boys (now 5 and 2) I really needed some girl time!  I'd loved painting my nails as a teenager, and I even had some of my old polishes from back then!  But my clean up was horrific, and I knew I needed to refresh my skills, so I turned to Youtube to find some inspiration.  That's when I came across nail stamping.  I loved that it looked so quick and easy, and that after buying the initial plates and stamper, you didn't have to keep paying for supplies to keep your nails looking fancy.   I bought the cheapest stuff I could find on eBay, dug out some thick encrusted brown polish to stamp with and got started.  Except I didn't realise you had to remove the plastic off the plates, so after throwing them in a corner, buying a new stamper, and watching more videos, I finally worked out I had to remove the film!

How did you decide to launch your own brand of stamping plates?

I first decided to design a plate when I wanted some images that nobody seemed to stock.  The idea was to get the designs for myself and sell off the rest to hopefully cover my costs.  Once I got started it ballooned from there!  I wanted more designs, people kept suggesting ideas, and I got some great feedback on my plates, which all encouraged me to just keep creating.

When you are creating your plates what inspires you?

The weirdest things!  Greeting cards, wrapping paper, jewellery, wallpaper, ancient manuscripts, artwork, the tiles at the back of my fireplace, trees on the drive into town... basically anything that grabs me visually, that has a beauty and form to it that I want to capture.  I've loved drawing and creating since I was a little girl, and before I got into stamping plates I designed jewellery, did some interior design, as well as lectured in Multimedia at a local college.  I love to capture the essence of the theme, but try to avoid the clichés... especially with events like Christmas etc.  I get great satisfaction out of creating images that are instantly recognizable, but still a little bit quirky and different.

Are you creating for your fans, yourself, or for someone else in particular?

All of those.   I started creating for myself, and I still do that.  I don't make anything that I can't imagine in a manicure, or that I wouldn't wear myself.  Having said that, I definitely listen to my fans and use their ideas as inspiration.  I love hearing what people want, and I love their reactions when I can give them what they are after. I really get a buzz out of seeing the creativity and awesomeness folks make using my plates.  It makes me happy. 

What big plans or crazy ideas do you have for the future?

Shhh.. can you keep a secret?  ;)  (Let me insert myself in the interview here lol clearly I can't!) Well... more plates, obviously.  But I've also been working on stamping polishes and indie polishes that all fit in with a theme.  Sometimes I can't find the exact polish I want for a look I have floating around in my head.  So my upcoming "Waterworld" image plate will come with an Indie polish called "Waterworld" and a stamping polish that compliments it called "Seafoam".   I often have folks ask me what polishes I'm using in my manis, and so I thought it would be really cool to make polishes and plates that all worked together.  Kind of a one-stop-shop so people can re-create a look without having to hunt around for specific polishes. 

I'm also organizing the production and distribution of a range of plates a graphic designer friend put together.  The LilyAnna plates should be released later in the year.  Can't wait!

Sneek Peeks of upcoming plates in 2014

Whats YOUR favorite brand/creator of nail art plates?

You really can't go past the other Indie plate makers.  I swoon whenever Natalie from Nailz Craze releases more plates, and I'm hoping to catch up with the creator of Emily de Molly soon because I really want her gorgeous new plates too!  (And plus.. she's super cool to hang out with.)

If you could change one thing about the nail art scene what would it be? 

I actually love the nail art scene.  I've met so many fantastic people through it and made some wonderful friends.  I occasionally hear about dramas, but being in Australia, by the time I get up in the morning and get on to the internet, it's all over.  Which is how I like it.  LOL Seriously, the creativity and generosity of the nail art community really blows me away.  It inspires me to create more, think more, express more, push the boundaries more and collaborate more.   We live in a rural area, and by having such a great bunch of people to be involved with, even if only on the internet and occasionally in person, it hardly feels remote at all.   If I could change anything, I'd have us all live closer so I could check out everyone's manis in person!!  Maybe an international road trip is in order!!

Anything else you want to share with your fans?

That's the toughest question.  :)  Just my favourite quote, I think.. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”  - Howard Thurman.   So just be brave, whatever that may mean for you.  Oh.. and post your manis on my facebook page!  Your awesome manis inspire me.  :)

You can purchase Messy Mansion Nail Plates here
Add your lovely manis and keep updated on the latest previews on her Facebook here 


So ladies what did you think?  Isn't she so damn cool and more importantly kind?  I have to say reading about her difficulties when she initially started stamping made me laugh out loud.  How many times have I heard someone say what the hell is this little sticky crap over the top of the plate (referring of course to the blue or clear film like it was back in the day).  I'm so glad she kept at it though because I am always so excited when she releases new plates!  Her shop reopens on the 25th of November so get your mouses ready and warm up those carts :)

I'm also looking forward to these coordinating stamping polishes and bases.  She is totally gonna rock our worlds! I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview and let me know what you think.  I have more plate makers upcoming,  but if there anyone YOU want to hear about in particular let me know!   Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you next post! 

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