Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Luxury Brand Launches: Christian Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish!

Hey lacquer ladies,

Today I just want to chat a little bit about the new line of super duper luxurious lacquer premiering from Christian Loboutin Beaute, and of course a bit about the controversial price point that has everyone raising eyebrows.  As many of my followers know I love a good Louboutin! I've designed several different manicures around them and I'm blessed and fortunate enough to own a few pair as well.  So of course I was thrilled to hear that Msr Louboutin was launching a nail polish line which in my opinion was long overdue.  At least I was until I saw that $50 price point for the first of 30 shades set to release in August.  Then I decided ok yeah $50 is way too much to spend on a single 0.4oz varnish even if it is from the master of my shoe universe.  But like a moth drawn to a flame I found I just had to do some investigations.  I wanted to know why the price point was set so high.  After all it's not the first time I've seen expensive polish - Azuture anyone?

It turns out that like everything else Msr Louboutin crafts he was extremely meticulous in this undertaking as well.  The bottle, crafted by Pochet, itself is a work of art composed of 16 facets that were hand flamed to smooth the edges.  The boxes that each polish will come in are also crafted by hand.  Apparently it takes 22 weeks alone to craft just the bottle!  Then too Msr Louboutin wanted to ensure that ladies got the most richly pigmented polish possible without the "gloop" factor aiming for quality along the lines of the most flawless Japanese lacquer. If you are interested in even more details you can read about it here.

Photo credits: George Chinsee

So what do you think after hearing a bit more about the polish? Somehow after seeing all the attention to detail and craftsmanship, even more than what I mentioned here, I can't really begrudge that $50 price tag.  I think the point of this polish is that it's supposed to be a full blown experience and the bottle much like the shoes are supposed to be showcased as a work of art.  The same way I spend more for indie nail polish - Enchanted, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Rescue Beauty Lounge, etc I have to expect that something coming from an uber luxury brand will be that much more expensive than a polish I might pick up at the local drugstore.  We pay more for the labor and individual attention indies provide to each polish they make.  Well I won't say that I will be rushing out to grab a bottle just yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if that one shade of rouge made it's way into my display cabinet with its sole sisters.  I'm really curious as to how others feel about this so please comment away! Thanks for reading and see you next post...

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