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Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Asia Collection, Stamping Plate Holder, & New Mini Magic Workshop

Hey Lacquer Lockdown,

Where the f*** have you been Tamira?  Um yeah about I'm a dual degree student with a job and finals combined.  The challenges of both schools (I'm going after 2 graduate level degrees) and graduation (I graduate this weekend) have been pressing.  I've had more panic attacks than I care to think about and somehow came out a bit tattered, but no worse for the wear.  Ok maybe a little worse for the wear, but my nails are still popping (at least not broken) so there's something ;)  Now speaking of nails I still had at least 1/8th of an eye peeled for plate releases.  Those of you that following me on Instagram definitely know that ;) because when I saw the latest set of plates releasing from MoYou London I just about lost my damn mind.  That was of course before I saw their stamping plate holders and mini mats! Gah!

Sweet May?

Meet Keiko.  She's into cotton candy colored hair florals, and images that conjure the classic images of Japan.  She might be trying to push Suki and her collection aside after all Suki really only covers Japan right?  Lady brawl? 

Here's the image board MYL used to channel the images that they selected for these plates or at least one of them.  Pretty classic right? Fun factoid: The last portion of Keiko the -ko is even very typical for little Japanese girls.  "X"-ko is a very common name for girls in Japan.  My favorite character with the a "-ko name" Kyoko Mogami aka Mogami-san aka Kyoko aka shoujo manga hero and star of Skip Beat!  Yes - I am a fully out and proud otaku (truthfully I'm like a half a step from being a NEET but you know that's neither here nor there).  Moving on.....

MYL didn't send the plate images as they normally would last week with each individual plate (annoying) so the images are from the website and slightly blurry as such.  Apologies!  So somebody decided to do a smashup.  Who knows of what? Doodles circular designs meet Asian iconic imagery. The result? Drool worthy images some of which are unique (the dragon, pagoda with swirls around, butterfly, smoke, spider chrysanthemums) and some which are taking me back to old school Suki (the plate with all the accent images).  Regardless the effect is delicious and thus necessary for my pleasure ;)

Hello Koi.  Lots of them in somewhat unique formulation.  Not however as unique as the finches.  Btw I've seen similar finches in fact I own a plate with them I just can't for the life of me remember which brand it is - Decor Unas maybe? It will come to me, but I love these.  The best image IMO come from the avians and abstract images.  The smaller accents actually have heavy overlap with that Suki plate I spoke of earlier. 

We be stamping stamping stamping....cue the BeeGees ;) Yes y'all I love me some SNF soundtrack even to the Asia theme lolol.  *adding to cart*

When you own so many owl plates, but you must have an Asian inspired one complete with disenchanted courtesan lolol. Abstracts across this plate are intense and MOSTLY unique.  I only see 3semi familiar abstracts but they have enough variation not to be dead on dues of the plates I'm thinking of except for one which reminds me of an image from one of my MM Symetrika plates.

Oh she's really discontent luckily she has an owl to keep her company *adds to cart*

Oni----san? Kidding! Oni are here though what looks like a Japanese ogre.  Hmmm crazy!  I need this plate pretty badly for that little elephant image alone!

Ohhh the mini-elephants got propagated across the XL sized plate and now I see some super detailed images really popping like this image 2nd row 4th from the left.  Holy crapoly batman give me this plate!!!!

Alright this whole collection is killing me.  This plate is so freaking fresh fresh fresh!  Ugh I need it. I can always tell how hard pressed I am for a set of plates when it makes me think of selling off organs. By about right here I hit the point of no return.  "Say you'll always be my baby! More than a stamping plate....more than a stamping plate to me."  Yeah re-customized BeeGees again ;)

Ugh why!!!!! I really have to have this why are these images so pretty? MYL has been killing me lately the last Suki release, the Flowers release and now Asia!  They are on fire!!!

This plate is so gorgeous and I have never ever seen abstract patterns quite like this anywhere!  I'm beyond impressed.  Here's hoping all of the images actually get moved over into the XL version.

Aww they definitely weren't but I hopefully as they keep expending they will migrate into the larger sized plates.  Anyway obviously I need all these images forever! To MoYou London the Asia Collection is so fabulous my stamping hand actually aches!  Plategasms for days ;)

MYL took a note of of UberChic Beauty's page and created a mini version of their classic Mini Magic pad.  Smart and also very cool I love the Comic Book Collection! It appears to be even smaller than the Mini Ubermat, but I'm not 100% sure.
Hallelujah!!!  They finally finally released a plate holder!  Freaking heck yes! They actually released 2 a large collectors version and a smaller travel version.
 This is the collectors version - it fits 54 plates and has 6 extra side pockets for plates.  It retails at a hefty 40 GBP or $58.05 USD.  The travel version holds 10 plates has one extra side pocket and retails at 20 GBP or $29.02/
 Love this but that price is a bit steep. As a comparison my current favorite holders from Bundle Monster holds 48 plates and retails at $18.99 USD currently on sale for $17.  
I love the looks of this holder a lot but for now its definitely a bit out of range.  For a holder its on the more expensive end of the spectrum and if you have a larger collection of plates, as I do, the price to get the number of holders to fit them all is quite prohibitive.  Over all I'm loving the release of plates and products for May.  Everything is already up on the MoYou London website so head on over if you want to check it out.  Plates as usual retail for 4.99 GBP and the Mini Magic Workshop retails for 7 GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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