Sunday, March 5, 2017

Slurred Overlapping Holographic Dotticure Nail Art + Tutorial!

Hey stamperistas,

Ugh I've been dead.  Ok not dead but it felt like I was dying because of overnight coverage and disaster shitz.  Cray!  I could not wait to get back to my nails.  In the interim I did about 1 million failed Valentine's Day nail art.  It was like I could not get things right which is why I ended up posting nothing.  Everything looked fugly - geh! I decided my first nail art once free was going to be dark, blingy and layered.   I also decided I was going to use plates from one of my absolute favorite MoYou London collections - Holy Shapes. I wanted the stamping blingy too.  Normally that means cue in the Llarowe Holo stamping polishes or Liquid Sky Lacquer but I got schooled hard when I took out my recently purchased SuperChic Lacquer holo's.

Basecoat/Topcoat:  UNT Peel Off Basecoat / Poshe Ultra Fast Drying Topcoat / Sally Hansen Diamond Flash / SuperChic Lacquer Bring It On (stain blocker)
Latex Free Nail Guards:
Basecolors:  OPI I Saw U Saw We Saw Waraw & SuperChic Lacquer Realm of Erotica & Starrily Zyler The Cat 
Stamping polish:  SuperChic Lacquer Realm of Erotica and Rum-Billie
Stamping plate: MoYou London Holy Shapes 10

Hey holo!  Simple but blingy...sounds about right for me ;)

So Superchic Lacquers -  pretty sure one of my fave stamping YouTubers swatched a few of these a while ago.  I wasn't blown away but I felt like hmmm how could these be remotely better than my current holographic stamping stash? Although let's keep it real apparently these same polishes are insanely beautiful "super holos" and also watermarble.  I figured I didn't have too much too lose.  So I grabbed a couple figuring what the heck?  I'm glad I did.  These are fantastic fantastic polishes at this point.  I'm willing to step out on a line and say these are the BEST holographic polishes I've used to stamp with mostly because of the dry time and opacity.  I should review these bad boys because they are really worth the effort!

So let's talk about another item that has made me take back all my thoughts about my current favorite clear stamper.  I'm apologizing in advance to my absolute favorite CJS style stampers from before until I purchased the new one from Bliss Kiss.  This clear stamper is EVERYTHING!  A semi marshmallow, jumbo sized, weighted, with such soft giveaway and an apparent stick that allows polishes to "stick" to polish on the nail and per report also the stamping mats.  Ugh dead! I need several back ups of this one which I purchased during the semi-annual Bliss Kiss sale.  Give them all to me darling!

And so here we are.  Super simple super pretty and very very fresh skittlette!  Oh btw I forgot apparently the SuperChic Lacquers are so pigmented they can stain tf out of your nails.  Gah! This did not happen to me and here's why - I made a sandwich!  I layered the UNT Peel Off under the SuperChic Lacquer Bring It On stain blocker.  And guess what? It worked - no stains at all on my pinkie nail!

 I highly recommend if you are going to purchase these polishes even for stamping you should get this product.  I'm not getting compensated in any way for these but I know a lot of us hate having our nails stained and this way should you choose to use these as regular polishes as well you won't be filled with regret.  Lol!

Anyhoo I got most of my polishes at  They are pretty much suck all my money right out these days along with MoYou London.  I mean they have all the holo glitters and all the linear holo polishes I love!  Lol so I guess a vocal plug for them as a company.  I did read it was run by a brother sister combo start up and as an added bonus the sister is a programmer (go girls in science!).  Anyway I love how this turned out simple but blingy.  Anyhoo I hope you like this creation after my paused absence.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post!

This post contains items purchased by me for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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