Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lynnderella Forget You Not and Connect The Dots Layering + Paisley Nail Art

Hello my lil' lacquer lovers,

Okay if you don't know who Lynnderella is as a polish fanatic you may have just been living under a rock...a large one.  A while ago I spoke about how disappointed I was not to be able to make her blog sale and missed out on some serious awesomesauce.  Then Miss Lynn decided to stop selling her polishes via her blog because her amazing one woman show just couldn't keep up with organizing the sales, shipping etc and creating the polishes too.  So she decided to leave the distributing to Ilarowe. Unfortunately, I still wasn't able to get my hands on the polishes and so I submitted a wishlist and just decided to wait and see if a poli-racle (polish miracle lol) would happen.  And then it did 23 of them to be exact and finally finally I was able to get my hands on some Connect the Dots (CTD) along with many others!

There is no justice done to this color indoors - light truly makes all the difference in term of hue of the SH and demensionality of FYN.
 I started out with Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue.  I could post just about this polish - the color is sick sick sick!  So pretty it makes me want to paint my nails over and over again.  The application smooth and dreamy. What more could I ask for?  Uh clearly some layering magic and so I thought Lynnderella Forget You Not would look perfect over this.  It has purple/grey hex glitter with a fine purple and blue microglitter in a purpley sheer base.  However I still felt it needed some spice.  You can blame that on my cornbread loving southern roots after all I'm always looking for a little spice!  I immediately reached for a holy grail polish - Lynderella's CTD's.  Again a single layer and it was love.  I got a bit persnickety and bored a few days later so of course I added some stamping in Konad Special white using my Dashica SdP A plate.

I cannot get over this blue - killing me seriously!

Stamp, stamp, stamp!

To those ladies still hesitating over Lynnderella polishes or waiting because they are pretty hard to attain don't give up hope!  Ilarowe will be accepting wishlists again soon and will also be randomly placing them on the website unannounced for ordering.  Either way you can still get your hands on these lovely polishes without spending a fortune attempting to get them elsewhere (ahem Evilbay).  Personally my wishlist is far from fulfilled as there were several that weren't available when my wishlist came through, but I'm hoping to eventually get all of the one's my polish loving heart aspires to own :)  Thanks for reading and please let me know what you thought!

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