Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nail Art Party - Mermaid Nails and Subtle Blue Stamping

Hey polished prisoners,

Today I have a little special feature for you.  I had a party with my friends L and N - a nail art and makeup party and boy did we have a blast!  I did everyone's nails - just not my own and it was fun fun fun fun fun! (Note: Please do not misconstrue my excitement for mania). I learned some great lessons along the way too.  Mainly - do not wear a manicure on your nails if you don't want it to get shredded while doing someone else's nails.   Secondly - soak off gel polish is a you-know-what to get off with pure acetone despite what some nail techs may say.  Third, it's hard to take a decent picture of another person's nails - no idea why though! Tips tips? Here are pics of my nails with the manicures as well as my friends.

A bit different from my mermaid mani, but after I did L's I started to get ideas!

I gave her quite the lecture on the state of her cuticles, but unfortunately for all three of us it's an occupational hazard :(

N was suffering from the same cuticle issues so I smeared them down with Vit E oil.  I didn't recreate this mani exactly either when I re-did it on myself.

It's hard to see but I have that SH Pacific Blue layered under Lynnderella's Violette de Blue and Forget me Not.

I just noticed but you are totally getting a sneek shot of my bins of nail polish :)
I really love this picture plus N and L are so damn tall.  Love both of these girls to death and I had such a blast doing their nails!

My recreation of L's nails below - it's like her original manicure on crack!

This shimmer on the scaled nails is the reason why I love love love Color Clubs Foiled Collection for stamping!

The bling of Nail's Inc Electric Avenue is a stunner even without embellishment.

I put up the tutorial for L's nails on YT.  See the video below to check it out to see the products I used and to get  the same fabulous look!  N's tutorial is in the works.  This was so much fun I know I'll have to do it again sometime soon.  Let me know what you ladies think and thanks for reading!

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