Sunday, May 20, 2012

Red Carpet Lacquer's Toro Meets Lynnderella's Connect the Dots and Very Pretty Vampire

Hey lacquer ladies,

In the brief intermission between my last post a slew of indie polish orders hit my door.  Most have been a delicious dream come true.  Others a tad more frustrating but I'll leave that discussion for a later post.  I will say this now.  Glitter polishes are dangerous - to both my budget and my nail art designs.  Some of these polishes are so pretty I can't think of how to add extra beauty to them or I dare not because they are so badass all I can do is stare. onto the mani.  Red Carpet Lacquer created Toro - a shimmering red microglitter base with red squares and bars this is intermixed to a much lesser degree with white and black bar and hex glitter.  It is the maker's homage to Bring It On. Eep cheerleaders - still cute though!

For me Toro is what happens when red meets Lynndrella's CTD's i.e. a lacquerheads wet dream ok ok maybe this lacquerhead's wet dream.  Alas - maybe it was because the polish bottle was so full so it couldn't be mixed to it's full potential or because the ratio of white and black glitter to red wasn't quite what I expected.  However that was nothing a little additional layering of CTD couldn't handle.  When I did I thought I'd died and gone to polish heaven - sparkly sparkly or in the words of my friend Steve - just too cool! I also wanted one unique nail so I made a sandwich which Sally Hansen's Cardinal as a base color (btw's this is the base color for this entire mani) followed by Lynnderella's Very Pretty Vampire followed by a swipe of Toro.  Yum Yum Yum.   Spam please?  Oh yes....

Talk about Sunday bloody Sunday!

I don't know about you ladies but I could definitely be inspired to do some running with the bulls after meeting Toro! This mani would be so clutch for a bloody Valantine's Day or a cult Holloween kinda thing.  Love these polishes to bits and pieces - you can check out Red Carpet Lacquer here and Lynnderella polishes can be gotten at Llarowe though she is currently not accepting wishlists, but in my opinion she is definitely worth the wait.

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