Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheeky Plates Have Arrived + Funky Fingers and Windestine

Hey Lacquer Ladies,

I recently placed an order for new nail art plates - uh because clearly I don't already have enough lol.  I picked up the Cheeky Stamping Plates plus the Shany 2012 plates in one quick Amazon escapade.   I was also severely tempted by several Manglaze polishes but just managed to make it out with just the plates. I felt like I'd waged some kind of war against myself lol!  Anyway I decided to give the Cheeky plates some loving and see how they did.  I also wanted to make use of my new glitter polish from Windestine. This was sort of a quick let's see what these plates can do thing - very spur of the moment and removed almost one day later for the manicure I'm currently sporting.  I also wanted to use this opportunity to try out some polishes my mother bought for me from the dollar store called Funky Fingers.

I wanted bright so I applied Kingston a super saturated melony-coral color.  Yum - too bad the formulation on these guys leave a lot to be desired. Super thick as I've now ascertained with another from the trio and two or three coaters to get an even finish.  Translation super annoying but with nail polish thinner not impossible to use.  While we are on the subject of formula Windestine's glitters gets five stars in this category.  They are like butter - perfectly melted butter.  Now onto the nails!

The blue accent nail here is Essie's Beach Bum Blu with a coat of Windestine's Jeweled Sand.

I used China Glaze Passion and Konad Special Polish in black and Cheeky plate CH4 to create the gold black gradient.

The black pattern reminds of watermelon seeds and all things summer!
 These plates are awesome and have tons of great designs that I can't wait to use.  Check out a review of the plates here and here on Youtube from soguesswhat and plasmaspeedo.  You can find Windestine's butter-like polishes here at her Etsy shop.  She is currently out of stock, but should be back soon with more delicious sparklies.  You can also find the Shany 2012 plates and Cheeky stamping plates on 

Theme song of the moment: Even Angels by Fantasia.  All about recovering from big blows and while I'm not recovering from a broken heart in the emotional sense I am recovering from having a broken heart in the medical sense lol.  I'm almost one month out from open heart surgery the process has been deeply frustrating, emotional, and oddly empowering. I love the message in this song sort of like keep on trucking lol!  Thanks for reading!


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    1. Thank you doll! It's amazing what you think of on the fly when you're just messing around.

  2. Thank you kindly sweets! Of course I'll swing by and check it out :)


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