Monday, August 20, 2012

Pahlish: End Of Days

Hey polished prisoners!

It's a rare Monday posting ;)  Today I'm sharing one of my penultimate indie brands with you.  Honestly, I am seriously considering doing an indie top ten posting but I wonder if there would be any interest in this? Do let me know.  In any case Shannon the maker behind the brand Pahlish is absolutely one of my favorite indie companies.  I have ordered from her almost religiously perhaps a touch fanatically.  The minute she releases a new color I go into high alert.  I must have it or die trying!!  There are probably only about three other brands that I'm as fanatical about, but let's save that for later.  For now let's get to the polish...

The base colors here are China Glaze Harvest Moon and Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate.
What can I say about End of Days?  The name alone leaves me slightly drooling.  Then I take a look at it - a deliciously packed glitterbomb of orange and blue hexes with gold microglitter in a clear base.  I think by now you know how much I love orange so this one just kills me!  In a word everything about End of Days is sexy.  On a side note, I clearly can hear the voice of Dale Gribble aka Rusty Shackleford from King of the Hill screaming out "It's the end of days!" Lol!

Isn't this such a pretty baby? You like it don't you? Well luckily for you Shannon just restocked; she usually does every Friday in any case.  You can get your little paws on this baby for $9 + s/h.  Try to hold back because almost everything else is in stock too.  Ugh! You can find her store on Etsy and you can also keep track of her latest updates via her Facebook.  Welp thanks for reading and I'll see you next post! Toodles...


  1. I like the orange and blue combo, very pretty!

  2. The label on the bottle is new, did you just get it recently? I didn't even order the new labels for my bottles .. Love the mani !!!

    1. Hey hun! I got the bottle about three weeks ago I think. I didn't realize that you could even choose which labels she just sent them to me like that End of Days and one other I can't remember I ordered at the same time. I think the new labels are really pretty though I liked the old ones too.


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