Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

Hey polished prisoners,

It's official! I'm living in hell or something equivalent as I am once again without Internet. Why? Because my landlord left the window open and the modem upstairs fried. Lovely so once again I'm back to using my cellphone blogger app to save the day. Please forgive my less than polished posts until this gets fixed (no pun intended). Anyway onward to today's art...

Base: Essie Blanc and Wet n' Wild Tickled Pink
Gradient: Essie Blanc and Wet n' Wild Tickled Pink and OPI Pink Flamenco
Glitter Topper: Elevation Polish Froze To Death
Stamping polish: Color Club Hot Like Lava
Stamping plate: BM321

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I couldn't let it slip by without doing a mani in dedication. When I think about cancer I don't have too many close ties to this one though I could tell you in a heartbeat how we use mammograms to diagnose and identify suspicious breast architecture. Personally I feel every day of every month should be dedicated to some form of health awareness, but I also have a great deal of faith in the medical system and the science behind it. Well I sort of have to nevertheless faith is a powerful thing. So here's a bit for all the ladies, families, and friends struggling under the burden of this disease. May their hearts be lighter and their fears less fearsome in the days to come. Thanks for reading and see you next post!


  1. Love this pink mani !! Feel better soon Tamira :)

  2. Thank you darling! I was inspired by you :) Of course I'm sick once again :(


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