Monday, October 1, 2012

LDTTWC Day 5: We Can Do It!

Hey polished prisoners,

Happy Monday and October!  I'm hoping this post comes out well as I'm trying it from my new blogger app as my electricity is off in my apartment! These days it really feels as if I'm living under a dark cloud of apartment disasters.

Ok so today's art is all about a woman in history that inspires me. Well there are a lot but one lady always puts me in a great mood - Ms. Nina Simone. She was a classical pianist, an Aftican American activist, and one of the best damn jazz singers I've ever heard! I admire her a great deal and I was devastated by her passing in 2003. So this mani is most assuredly dedicated to her honor.

Base color: L'Oreal Notting Hill Nlues and OPI Alpine Snow
Gradient: Orly Stone Cold
Stamping Polishes: Konad Special Polish in Light Blue, China Glaze Millennium and Passion
Script: Kiss Nail Art in Silver Glitter
Stamping plates: MJ Medium Plate and Dashica SdP

Can you see Nina's name? Honestly I need to update this because I realized I can't put the HTML code in with this app. Sheez! Well I hope you like what you've seen thus far. Stay tuned for my next post and thanks for reading! Toodles...


  1. wow! ur stamping design looks perfect! so nice!

  2. What a cute mani Tamira !! Millenium is the best stamping polish !! :)

    1. Millenium is the BEST!!! Why was this polish from a limited collection?!? Just like the OMG's I die every time I find one :)


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