Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Winstonia Soccer Mania Nail Art Stamping Plate

Hello stamperellas,

The press is ever sizzling today!  I have another hot hot release for you and get excited because it's totally perfect for the upcoming World Cup series.  Yes that's right once again Winstonia Store released a plate out of nowhere again from their square plate series.  This one is aimed at soccer fanatics world wide, and for those ladies that don't know this year the upcoming world cup will be held right in Brazil! I'm actually very excited for this plate because I love the World Cup or to be more precise I love meeting my guy friends in a bar to eat nachos and drink awesome beer while well honed specimens of masculinity attempt to dominate a field of evergreen.

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Lol yes I am that girl.  Oh well I can hardly be ashamed this is the life you know?  I love beer and I love soccer and I love nachos and now I get to have my nails match the theme of the event perfectly lolol.  The Soccer Mania plate retails for $4.95 USD + shipping and can be purchased here.  And guess what?  You can still use the code "SAYIDO" to save 10% off your purchase when you buy 2 or more of the Winstonia square plates.  Ok stamping addicts get those mice clicking ;) Thanks for reading and see you next post...

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