Monday, February 22, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MyOnline Shop Stamping Plates!

Hey we go stamperistas,

Happy Monday for what it's worth! I'm sharing more new stamping plates with you today. This time from MyOnline Shop.  I think this platemaker is best known for her cartoon image plates.  She always carries lots of highly recognizable pop culture images that make your heart go doki doki. Let's take a look shall we?

Richie Rich you bi$&h! Lol sorry that was the first thing that popped into my mind.  This plate is like an homage to 80's cartoons if you know your stuff.  Those evil crow birds from looney toons, strawberry shortcake who used to be my bae, popeye olive oil, woodey woodpecker, pink panther, Homer and Bart, Yogie Bear, oh snap the flinstone kids including rocky and pebble. I'm going to stop but like I said 80's homage.  As such this plate in my estimation is a MUST HAVE!

Toki Doki.  This is more because MOS released a smaller Jr plate a while ago that also had quite a bit of Toki Doki on it.  I purchased that one so I'm gonna pass on this one though it's super tempiting. Particularly all the Mickey hands.

The images here seem somewhat distorted.  I don't think its because of my enlargement, but I can't quite tell.  In any case the largest image at the bottom reminds me a lot of the Doodles Collection from MYL and while I love bird plates I have a lot already.  This is a cute plate if you don't have these images however not as novel as some.

Professions and travel plate.  Lol I have no idea if that's the name, but cars, nurses, trains, teeth, etc. What else could it be? I'm pretty sure MOS already did an extensive travel plate though so this must be part 2.

Magic eye/illusions.  Whatever you want to call it.  These are actually all fairly unique to other patterns I've seen except for maybe one.  However the circular images in the middle remind me a lot of MYL Doodles and Kaleidoscope collections and also a tiny bit of the Pueen Blossoms plate.   I love the giant pattern in the lower right hand corner however.  This is a plate that would go on my wishlist.  Intriguing enough that if the opportunity avails I'd get it, but not fully novel enough to make me run out and purchase everything now.

I'm sure computer gaming geek ladies everywhere are tweaking over this one.  Clash of Clans and Minecraft on one plate.  My question why no Starcraft or Warcraft or League of Legends? Just saying might as well throw the whole genre in there.  Lol I know some of you are like what?!? Hey what can I say I'm a multifaceted lady.  It actually bothers me a bit that the Sailor Moon images are on this plate because those would be the sole images I want the most from this plate. I'm definitely not a huge fan of Angry Birds.  Anyway hopefully a Jr plate will release with the Sailor Moon images as well solo!

This plate is so random I'm not sure what's going on? Birthdays mixed with cartoon fireworks, and what I think might be the nation's capitol? Its a bit hard to tell.  The Santa and the open ornaments though I recall from a prior Chez Delaney release.  I guess the theme here is holidays or celebrations? It's a bit overwhelming to take it all in.

I saved the best for last.  Lol no its just the numbering or how my compie processed these cause I definitely didn't move this to the last plate.  It's a cool plate though reading like a Disney's plate of Who's Who! AThat image in the bottom left is so fun too with all the princess's and their respective princes.  Like I said this platemaker has a way with cartoon imagery. One thing I see the villain from The Emperors New Groove, but no Kuzco or Krunk :( Bummer both are so cute.  Also what are you doing sneaking in there Mr. Potato Head without your other Toy Story counterparts?

In any case what do you think? I'd say a few cool must haves at least for any collector.  These plates are already available on the MOS website and finally finally shipping has become flat rate and thus much much cheaper.  This was always a drawback for me when ordering so I'm glad now they've got flat rate.  Each plate retails for $18USD which is a pretty penny, but they are on sale right now for $16.50 I think.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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