Friday, February 19, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Yay Spring Nail Art Stamping Plate + Sale!

Hey stamp champs,

Happy Friday! And let me tell you darlings there is just so freaking much to be happy about today ;) I woke up this morning after dreaming of some kind of sushi fiesta ravenous and then I opened my inbox to find some sweet sweet news from UberChic Beauty.  Brittany has been dropping plates like it's hot all year - I'm including the calendar year of her company opening!  Today's plate is so perfect so pretty so awesome that I was blown away and then I saw 4 little golden letters - SALE.  That my darlings is what we call that.  My fingers were clicking before I knew it ;)

Ok let's talk about how beautiful and whimsical this plate is in and out.  Let me start with one aspect that blew me totally out of the water and literally put a ear to ear grin on my face this morning.  That typography "He Has Risen".  Let me take a moment here and say hallelujah!  I don't really flaunt my faith all over my blog because I want to welcome any and everyone to this space, but Easter has always had that special meaning to me.  Every easter for as long as I can remember as a child my family and I go to church and its always been amazing, and gave me such a feeling of family and warmth.  I love Easter and trust me its not just the chocolate bunnies I'm talking about!  Adore that there is so much grace in this plate along with traditional imagery of the holiday.  Crown of thorns anyone?

Now there's also something else here that just put me into a fit of I absolutely must have to have this plate - the lillies! Callalilies, which are my favorite flower btw, and fresh open day lilies. Shoot she even threw in the daffodils!  And then all the tiny and cute imagery of the commercial easter complete with the eggs, which in hunts I could never find and I'd end up crying, and the little bunnies themselves.  Btw I spy a little glassed bunny I looked right at his eyes first to see if they were evil and they weren't - I'm quite pleased! Lololol.  My favorite full sized nail image here is the dropping umbrellas.  This plate is just so fantastic!!!  I do have other easter plates, but this is the first one I've seen that incorporates so many classic images of the religious aspects of easter with the commercial aspects of easter along with touches of spring.  Its so perfect it hurts!  And here's a great bit of news - Brittany also has a sale going on today.  You can get 15% off all of her plates, and it appears other items in the store which I didn't realize until just now otherwise I would have gotten an UberMat, except this newest one.  Pretty sweet right?  Use code FEBFEVER to save, but hurry up because the sale is for today only!  You can find Uberchic Beauty plates here.  Now you don't even have to ask cause you know I rushed right over to buy mine ;)  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....

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