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Lesson Lockdown: Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder Review (Regular Polish & UV) + Tips

Hey lacquer loving ladies,
I'm back again with more holo. Not because it's an on point trend, though it is, but because I have a horrible addiction.  I can't stop buying holographic polishes, products, etc.  If you follow me on Instagram (which you should cause its always ahead of my blog in terms of what I'm doing) you know I got this holographic powder from Whats Up Nails as a gift for a order gone awry.  I did talk about this one my last press release for Uberchic Beauty since that's what I was after, but needless to say the Whats Up Nails brand has a lifetime loyal customer.  Their service is bar none and they value their customers a lot! I'm grateful and extremely extremely thankful.  Anyway I got this powder from them and holy smokes this is legit.  Like legit legit.  Like holy holo Batman I'm dead!  I created this review at the request of several of my IG followers after I posted the pic below.  I have a ton of experiment a video to go along with if you prefer watching to reading and a few life lessons I learned working with this product.  So whether you are a gel nail girl or not your can still use this powder and win!

I'm going to start with the products I used throughout this video:

Hologram Powder from Whats Up Nails
Masura Obsidian 

Silicone applicator tool from Daily Charme
UNT Peel Off Basecoat
CND Stickey
Sally Hansen Diamond Flash
Elite No Wipe Gel Topcoat (UV/LED)
NFU Aqua Basecoat
Water Soluble Varnish Coat

Lesson #1 - You Cannot Use Regular Topcoat Immediately!

Ok so I learned something when attempting this nail art because I didn't think about what happens to the holographic powder if you apply regular topcoat over it.  Do you know what happens?  It bubbles. It bubbles like a bitch!  The entire surface of the mani literally started lifting right off my nail; that is those where the powder didn't just start dissipating off the nail entirely.  Ugh.  So I went back and looked at the Whats Up Nails listing and realized a few things.  Namely a that a overpsyched nail artist should read first cause as I've said so many times before that shit is fundamental.  I also learned that you shouldn't just topcoat these powders.  Instead they should be topped with a waterbased topcoat (hay NFU Oh Aqua Base I'm looking at you) or gel polish topcoat or peel off basecoat. Which btw I had so....savage.  Basically I wasted about an hour and a half of my life bringing this lesson to you because I had to start from the beginning after every single nail started lifting the "polish/powder" combo right up.  You're welcome :/

Lesson #2 - Use A No Wipe Gel Topcoat!

If you use a gel topcoat it has to be a NO WIPE TOPCOAT!!!!  I made a big mistake on my second time around with this mani attempt and used my regular wipe away topcoat.  For those not familiar with gel polishes usually the topcoat and polishes in general have a tacky layer that needs to be removed depending on what you're doing in order to make the surface of the nail smooth. In this case doing so led to streaks, bald patches, and difficult application.  Some areas appeared to be low shine and poorly applied as a result of using a regular gel topcoat.  Don't do it!  You'll also end up frustrated.  Using the alcohol also resulted in mild bubbling.  FML.  Protip don't over cure your topcoat - you can get the minutes for length of curing depending on your light source on the back of your bottle.  You're welcome :/

My favorite no wipe gel topcoats (in no particular order):
Elite 99 No Wipe Gel Topcoat (its the cheapest and the fastest to arrive stateside)
Born Pretty UV No Wipe Gel Topcoat
Gossip Gel Spectacular No Wipe Topcoat (expensive af. I regret buying this after finding cheaper versions later; don't do it)

Lesson #3 - Use A Freaking Waterbased Topcoat 1st or A Peel Off Basecoat!

So what can I say? I got mf schooled on this shit! I had so many problems you'd think I wasn't a seasoned nail artist.  Which shows even those who got the skills still got something to learn.  I left this jazz for a while.  It frustrated me.  Use a waterbased topcoat first and THEN apply regular topcoat.  Your result will be the linear holograhic nails although I'm ready to admit a waterbased topcoat does appear to slightly cloud the holo at least NFU Aquabase did.  UNT Peel Off Basecoat however did not neither did water based soluble varnsh!  You're welcome :/

Lesson #4 - Use Your Finger (Yeah yeah get your mind outta the gutter you scallywag!)

Doing this jazz with regular polish i.e. not gel topcoat is harder IMO and you waste more product.  Its doable, but frankly using a no wipe topcoat means what requires multiple complicated and annoying steps becomes super simplified.  I'm lazy so I'm biased in that way.  Actually I'm not lazy but I'm time crunched so it comes out like "f*&k that slow a**method and let's get down to business".  You don't have to do that so if you aren't down with gels its your lucky day.  You can do it this way use your finger to apply the powder, and don't let the polish dry all the way (or so the website said however I did).  In the video you see what happens when I didn't let the polish dry all the way ugh! Apparently you can also use Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Topcoat (which is nothing like gel polish btw since it doesn't require an LED or UV light) and do your thang!

After trying this I legitimately believe the silicone nail tool is the way to go no matter what!There. I love you so I did all this shit for you so you could see.  Yes shit.  These reviews are legitimately so much work but hay anything for my followers ;) Yeah yeah you're welcome!

Lesson #5 - But If You're Using Gels Use A Silicone Nail Tool Scratch That Just Use A Silicone Nail Tool Period!
That. Yeah it's legit. You use way less powder this way.  As in touch the lid of the powder with your tool and with two touches coat an entire nail at least with gel topcoat maybe a dip and a lid tap for regular polish. However you still use less powder if you use a silicone tool even when using regular polish and no gels. You're welcome ;)

Lesson #6 - Apparently Peel Off Basecoat Isn't The Way To Go Either Especially If You're Doing the Finger Dipping Thing
Yeah I'm talking about the whole nail my ring finger that bubbled like it was going out of style the minute I started applying powder with the silicone tool. My suspicion is there is too much friction against a nail with peel off basecoat that doesn't have a smooth sealed layer of gel cured polish over top therefore your base just bubbles right up.  With my pinkie finger using a regular basecoat then applying regular polish and the powder I got better results.

Lesson #7 - Hope Floats But Your Peel Off Basecoat/Water based Topcoat/Gel Topcoat Should Float Too!

Pretty sure the index nail to which I applied varnish caused streaks in the powder because I dragged the brush over the nail multiple times instead of floating a heavy bead over the nail as it was.  Over areas it floated my nail was perfection. So float your topcoat regardless of which type you are choosing.

Alright hopefully you learned a ton from my many many mistakes.  Moving on.  This is the most linear holographics I've seen in eons! I don't think I have even one holographic topcoat that compares across multiple brands! Suddenly that high price tag on these holographic powders is making a lot more sense.  The holo is a lot more defined and strong in powder form.  Hmmm the Whatsup Nails brand runs $38.75 USD.  Mad expensive (still cheaper than the Daily Charme ones) and regardless utterly worth it.  I hardly takes any to do one entire hand especially if your using one of those snazzy silicone nail tools, which I did.

This post contains items gifted to me and also those purchased by myself for personal use.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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  1. Loved your review. I'm having trouble using the water based top coat and then having dramatic tip wear and scratching right off. Should I put a regular top coat over the water based?


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