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Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Frenchy Collection Expansion, Bridal Collection Expansion, Trend Hunter Collection Expansion, Henna Collection, Overlapping Plates Expansion, Mix & Match Collection, and Festive Collection Expansion

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I'm just gonna dive in because I am thousands of releases behind on MoYou London.  You'd think I'd been gone a year the way the plates piled up instead a few months to recover from the fire. Regardless pressing on.  There have been an astounding number of releases from MoYou London as usual I think there have been some highs and a few meh's.  Let's just get into it!

Frenchy Collection Expansion

The irony is I called the release of these plates well before they released when MYL had their initital Appreciation/Love Stamping sale.  Without question every time MYL has a sale you know directly afterward there will be a full collection release.  At this juncture its almost laughable how predictable it is.  I wish they would just release the new plates during the sale because ultimately they'd make more money.  If you spent during the sale you aren't going to buy during the post release unless you just have money to toss around which most of us do not.

Inspiration here coming directly from the Minimalist Collection.  The plates these days overlap so much in theme you can pull one set into another with ease.  Regardless of the inspiration I love the clean lines here which is hardly surprising given how much I adored the minimal collection

Inspiration from Trendhunter Collection which itself was inspired by the Floral Collection.  This is another plate I like.

More Floral Collection meets Frenchy - all of which are cleanly designed and beautiful.   Premise being of course that you have to have nails long enough to support a "french tip" look.

Meets....Mix & Match but wait Mix and Match was out yet so this is or what I think would be Time Traveler  +/- Holy Shapes.  These are funky and feels 80's.

Bridal style.  I don't particularly care for this plate.  Its very classic and reminiscent of the old Frenchy plates.  Btw I have all of those from when I was a ride or die MYL fan and bought every plate they released when they first started.

Same Bridal style with some small floral accents.  Another meh plate for me.

Ah back to refreshing modern images images.   This feels like...more Time Traveler and Holy Shapes regardless these are fun and the little shark is too adorable!

Bridal Collection

Let me preface by saying I've never been a big fan of the Bridal Collection.  When it first released this was the start of when I stopped buying every set that MYL released in full.  I loved the lace initially and this was also when the lace trend was huge.  I even did a separate post, but still this collection was just not for me in full.  I feel similarly today though I thought the overlapping images were beautiful from a release a while ago.


Trend Hunter Collection Expansion x 2

There's nothing wrong with these plates but really I mean we've done animal print before.  Every platemaker and their mother has done it.  This is not a trend even if its hot in fashion right now.  Its just recycling.  This plate also feels slightly lazy to me because even the blocking on the first column could be done with one of the old MYL animal print plates and Holy Shapes plates.

Same the only new print I see is bottom row left corner and bottom row 2nd from the right. Not sure what animal either are supposed to be though.

Camo print is back!  Following the hard grunge trend which has popped up in fashion this year.  It feels like the early 90's are resurging and these plates sort of fall in line with that theme.  I'm more for the individual parts than the entire patterns.  These are awesome.

XL version.  Don't have much to add though its probably easier to play with color one these larger images

Henna Collection

Here are my summative thoughts on the Henna Collection.  This is pretty....,but it's been done before.  Off the top of my head I can think of 6 smaller platemakers including Bundle Monster that have been down this path well before MYL picked it up.  As such I wasn't super excited when I saw this release initially.  I'm still not that excited.


This is the best plate of this collection.  It's part of the Overlapping Plates series in case you couldn't tell.  As a result ti comes off feeling fresher than the collection as a whole.

Mmmm you could work with these images into other designs.  I like this one for the singular images, but again not really blown away.

Frenchy-collection-esque.  This plate is pretty.

I've seen this plate before or anyway something similar from Marianne Nails. Also they tried this with the Doodles.  Overall this collection for me was mostly a pass.

Mix & Match Collection

This is Time Traveller revisited with shades of Holy Shapes and Pro Collection thrown in for good measure. I have to say its successful.  I do see a few recycled images including those open triangles in the bottom row right side as well as the one above it.

I finally figured out why these images seem so reminiscent! Don't these remind you of Save By The Bell reruns? Lol 80's hardcore!

Yup definitely Time Traveler Back To the 80's Collection revisited.  There seem to be several recycled images here which strikes me as a bit lazy on the part of MYL. I mean these plates are cheap so they should at least try to include as many novel images as they can in each plate.  That said maybe they are operating under the premise put everything you want on one plate so you don't have to reach for multiples.


Fresh still recycling pro images though and tropical and a bit of time traveler.  However if the premise is mix and match that makes a lot of sense.  I actually really like these images here!


The reciprocal dots drive me a little crazy but only because I did that nail art tutorial with this same images almost from a Pro Plate.  I wished they'd changed them slightly.

This is the freshest plate - Africa Collection means Pro and Floral I think and oddly it really really works!

I'll grab this one for sure since there are no entire pro patters on any of the images that repeat.

Floral meets Pro?  This feels very much like the the Trendhunter Collection.  I love the straight lines with the sunflower here the most!

Blown up

Animal meets....Pro...meets Fashionista.  This plate is utterly fascinating.  These mixes feel like they shouldn't work but because the do it comes out feeling really new and innovative.

To be honest I think the patterns on the smaller sized image plate were more interesting.  They too only a few of my favorites here.

Overlapping Plates Expansion

Ugh overlapping tribal.  Y'all know I would be all of this jazz before the word tribal passed through my mouth!   Truthfully though I do adore the overlapping series these plates just work in 1000 different ways.

Same as above.  I've seen some really cool nail art using this plate in particular.   While I don't own any of the new overlapping plates I hope to get a few soon.

Tropical Collection Expansion

This plate features several designs from the older plates but broken up so now we can place the images Clear Jelly Stamper style.  I appreciate that since it can prevent from having to make decals if you don't want to.  Love this plate!

Same premise as above, but with fresh patterns.  I'm really looking forward to snagging this plate when I can!

This Is Amit Collection

A collaborative effort done between the NYC Brooklyn based artist Amit Greenberg and MYL. Apparently Amit is inspired by interpersonal exchanges, dialogue, and art making - as it reads on the MYL website.  Through his work he creates an experience beyond the known and familiar with a playful aesthetic.  After doing my own research I found out this artist is based in a style consider Pop Realism/Surrealism.  He designed some kind of immersive experience art for Ikea this past year that was limited edition art.

I find these plates strange and a touch creepy but maybe that's the point?

The only one I like is the typography plate.

I don't really get what these characters are doing or trying to portray but they are IMO neither pretty nor style in such a way that I think oh this would make a super cool nail art.  I'm just being honest about my own preference however.  Someone else may love these plates.

Nope just not me...

I think the only reason I like these so much is because I like typography plates in general but someone the character here wrapped around the letters is the only adorable one for me throughout this set.

Almost got me with them succulents boy but the other images don't do it for me.


And finally the latest festive release just in time for Halloween.  You may have seen this one already on my Favorite Stamping Plates for Halloween post.  MYL tries hard here to go for scary cute and succeeds.  I really want this plate!

So there we have it all caught up on what MYL has been up to! Does anyone have any of these new plates? Am I alone in not feeling particularly excited for the Amit and Henna Collection?  Most of these plates are already available on the MoYou London website unless they have sold out and then you will have to wait for restock.  They retail for the usual $5.99 GBP.

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