Monday, September 11, 2017

Where Da....You Been?

Excerpt from the movie, Manhattan:
Girl: "Well don't you love me?"
Woody Allen: "The truth is that I love somebody else..."
Girl: "You do?"
Woody Allen: "...."

Hey stamp champs, polished prisoners, varnished vixens, etc, etc
Nothing To Disclose

Boy this has been a year so far! Really a summer so far of kinda shit.  Imagine if you will a small but "humble" girl going about her life working, polishing, studying when she suddenly comes home to discover she's homeless because freak fire and home ownership re-occupancy laws in the nations' capital.  That girl would be me :/  Suddenly that little quote above felt like an excerpt of my life.  A f-ing unsuspected mishap just pulling itself out of nowhere in the form of an unplanned catastrophe and a move.  Pardon my language but really it's been a terrible terrible ordeal these days. I had to salvage what I could and find a new place stat.

In the interim of course I haven't polished a single digit. I haven't picked up a single stamping plate. I've kinda been floating in a fugue.  I haven't even found the motivation to look at my polishes.  I keep glancing at my plates with longing and a bit of despondency.  I keep looking at the collections coming out and sort of feeling like yeah these are cool, but not being able to summon up the hutzpah, if you will, to actually sit down to write to you about them.  So today I after thinking about how much I really miss my blog and I miss my community I decided to just write you.  I also miss my nails and the sort of zen I get whenever I paint them.   I'm not even sure who's reading this jazz anymore, but I'm trying to get back to the parts of me that sort of went dead recently in the wake of all these things that I think can be summed up with the word life. Life happened. I'm trying not to let it push me down.  For those of you still reading thanks. For those of you joining newly welcome.  I'll be posting up a new Halloween favorites post here shortly.  I'm sorry for the unexpected absence.  Also I don't have the same collection because of the fire, but I still have tons to share and I hope you all will also share your discoveries with me!

Thanks for reading and I'm glad I made it back.  Stay tuned for the usual ish that this blog features plates, lust, polish, more plates, and ranting.


  1. I'm excited you are back. But also sad to hear that you've been through such a traumatic event. Look forward to hear ranting...


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