Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Multi-Chrome Mirror Nails Pigment Abstract Stamped Nail Art + Tutorial!

Hey stamperistas,

Its already the end of November - insanity!  I feel like this last year has both dragged by and flown by and in someways has been incredibly testing and others quite joyful. Highs and lows?  Definitely the last two weeks have been leaping to say the least.  Thanksgiving has already passed us by  I'm still not not nearly ready to think about the holidays, but my nails are saying yes.  If my Black Friday purchases are anything to go by they are screaming winter/xmas now! Right now I'm leaning hard on my love of pigments, flakies, ultrachromes, holographic powders of varying microns, and of course glitter!  And nothing says winter like the above.  I'm going in easy this time with some abstract graphic featuring some duochrome mirror goodness!

So I created a tutorial to go along with this and you get to see me flub here too because I was feeling these powders too hard.  I was like yaaasss powder come through then no no no wait not that argh!!!!!! No!!!!! I had to rewind with the quickness!

Products Used Below
📌Elite 99 No Wipe Gel Topcoat: https://goo.gl/3rxS6U or OneDor https://goo.gl/ZZe8uG
📌 Moyra Foil Stamping Polish: https://goo.gl/kesBVe (black), http://amzn.to/2yr0ZC0 (silver), and http://amzn.to/2zqEhbu (white)
📌Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat: http://goo.gl/IPBks5 or https://goo.gl/WTa6cc (Lot of 3)
📌UNT Peel Off Basecoat: https://goo.gl/3PcaVj
📌China Glaze Fairy Dust: https://goo.gl/pNTjj8
📌Didspade Supershift Pearl in .  Alternatives: Nicole Diary Alchemy: https://goo.gl/NGLyTk or Born Pretty Chameleon Chromes: https://goo.gl/TDxxrY
📌Palish Train Underwater (No longer made): http://pahlish.bigcartel.com/
📌China Glaze Fade Into Hue:  www.chinaglaze.com
📌BBF Nail Art 56:  www.bbfnailart.com

Ok I have had a terrible terrible obsession with these chameleon chromes recently.  Like literally I'm going crazy trying to find the best there is at the right price point so I've spent a lot of time obsessing and sooner or later I'll be sharing the results of those obsessions with you.  Let's talk about Didspade pigments though.  These are car pigments. You have to understand this is where duochromes if you will got their start in the car lover custom pain arena.  I discovered these from Ten Little Canvases.  Then you could still get 1 gram samples of the SuperShift Pearle pigments for roughly $7USD.  Now you can only get these pigments in allotments of 5g for roughly $36! Insanity.  They have released 2-3 pigments in the last year that I would like to grab but the price point is killer.

So whats' the deal with pigments?  I'll tell you a point that holds true now as it did in the year I realized this when I started using these chrome/holo/mirror powders.  If you choose to use these powders you just need to accept that you should use a no wipe topcoat if you want a strong mirror effect.  However if you are stamping with them then using the Moyra Foil stamping polishes is the way to go at least until I get my hands on the Gel Stamping polishes.  So yeah.  Who's interested in seeing a video of the various ways to get pigments to stick to stamping? Lol it doesn't matter even if you aren't I'm working on it!

The Moyra Foil polishes have gone a long way in changing the way in which we stamp.  IMO they are akin to the invention/reintroduction of the clear jelly stamper.  People who had not eye hand coordination can stamp any damn thing they please with relative precision.  Now finally we have a trio of reliable polishes that allow us to stamp with pigments, glitter, and foils.  Bitchin'!

Pahlish Train Underwater.  I bought this polish years ago when EVERYTHING indies did was glitter glitter glitter.  Its held up well and is admittedly gorgeous!

Ok so what do you think? Is anyone else obsessed with chameleon pigments? Undeniably Didspade's Supershift pigments are stunning! I die a little bit every time I see one.  I should swatch these damn things for you.  Plotting plotting.  You can rub them in though for the stamping otherwise you will ruin your image as you may see below.  Somebody get me some gel stamping polish ASAP!  I want all the things!  I'll see you very soon as I've actually managed to film ahead so I have several tutorials to edit and upload PLUS all my Black Friday acquisitions which I have promised one of my friends I will share.  Alright lacquer lovers stamping stunnas thanks so much for reading and I'll see you next post!

This post contains items purchased by me  for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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