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My Favorite Nail Art Stamping Plates for Christmas 2017!

Hiya stamperistas,
Happy post thanksgiving dolls I apologize for the delay in this post I had an unexpected hospitalization sigh but I'm back!  Now its time for my annual favorites of Christmas.  I say annual but y'all know I'm hit or miss on that jazz.   Here's my first post cataloging all my Xmas favorites. Lets talk about how Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time!  I love the lights, the scarves, the warmth of hot cider and yummy apple brandy, and of course the smell of pine needles and spiced candles is everywhere.  For me its an irresistible combination.  Its been love at first sight for years now. As such every year when new stamping plates release I realize that love all over again and I want to share it with you today so get ready!

First up and in no particular order....
Mundo De Unas

Let me tell you sista-friend took us to school this year! These plates are so stunning I'm dead, and for all you Nightmare Before Christmas and Peanuts fans out there we definitely have some stunning options coming our way!

Plus you get your Beetlejuice bonus ;) Btw this Jack plate is old but I wanted to show you the first so that you could see how she stacked these plates up into one solid set.

Simply meant to be? If you don't get that quote you are not the fan your pretend to be! #stopfakingthefandom #jkjk Everything about this plate is a yes yes yes and as such I want it yesterday.  I'm so anxious to get these plates before Christmas so I can go full ham!

I'm shook I'm shooketh.  Shaken not stirred...wait ugh I have to insert this here!

Well well well what have we here? Santa Claus eh oooh I'm scared!  And if you aren't shaking there must be something very wrong cause this could be the last time you hear the Oogie Boogie song! You're joking you're joking I can't believe my eyes....

This plate is just classic and perfect for the upcoming season.  It's a must have!  Yup that.

Winnie be my boy!  Hello Kitty be my baby! Fat Santa kiss me!  Lol that is all ;)

Peanuts theme playing softly in my head.  I love these little Woodstock and Snoopy mashups - be still my heart! Slyvia really knocked it out this season.  Hurry up to purchase these so you can get them in time for Christmas I know I did! Lol

UberChic Beauty
Brittany as ever is what I consider a powerhouse creator.  Her plates stun season after season release after release.  She makes me want all of her plates all of her products everything ever! I love her creations and because I believe in the every single plate listed here is one I've purchased myself.  I love this plate and the first time I saw the poinsettias I just gasped.  Everything about this plate makes me happy.  Gush over...wait one more thing the bulbs at the bottom are a image I've never seen before on a Christmas plate!

This plate is what I consider a basic must have.  The imagery here is very classic and what can I say I'm a sucker for classics.
Ok only Brittany will probably remember when she made that Japan plate and it had that creepy little panda on it.  I honestly was like what do the eyes of this penguin look like when I saw this plate.  Luckily its eyes are soft and sweet appearing.  The penguin sold me on the plate oh and the reverse bulb image of the above plate.  Gimme!

Sugar Bubbles

I don't think you know me cause if you knew me you would have predicted this platemaker was going to show up on my favorites list.  I own every Christmas plate that Sugar Bubbles has EVER made including the original SBS 001 Special and 002 that are no longer made.  Yes I am a hard core fan but if you saw the way she created her imagery you would be too!

Every Santa I have ever imagined plus trees which are some of my favorite Christmas imagery  oh and lets not even talk about Macaulay Culkin which is just like a hidden gem in here! Ugh I'm so excited for Christmas!

This might be one of my favorite plates of the season last year.  It has such a nostalgic and yet cool feel.  She's got the string lights from Stranger Things and that skull santa.  Goth Christmas cool?  Btw I do think this section will update because usually Sugar Bubbles does a seasonal release of plates particularly for Christmas and New Years

BBF Nail Art

Planning a Hogworts christmas? Look no further...ok so these plates my be looking kinda familiar as in Tamira didn't you just feature these plates on your Favorites for Halloween 2017? Girl yes calm down! Good is good and Harry Potter happens to be one of those universes that crosses over multiple holidays.  I can tell you how happy these plates make me!

Dobbbby and Hedwig I really can't even!

MoYou London

I mean let's be honest there is no list that isn't going to include the Festive Collection in the Christmas genre.  I mean the Festive Collection has been around for ages and its been polished for as long.  This was one of the first and to this day its still one of my favorite Christmas season plates. Its utterly timeless.  Well done MYL!

Because I will always always adore a fat Santa.  Sorry its true. I just think all the iterations are so fun and novel.  There is literally a Santa passed out with a drink in his hand.  That alone is just epic sauce!

This isn't the most innovative holiday plate, but this the tree line here and the pine combs kill me here.  I have such plans for this plate this season!

Clear Jelly Stamper

These images aren't like wow bang but its what you can do with them in a holiday theme.  I adore the tiny little trees and of course the snow flakes!

OMG this plate is my everything! I adore all the little iterations of the penguin its got typography which you guys know I live for and finally snowman.  This is such an ideal plate for the season!

Classic images that can come together to make beautiful nail art.  This plate doesn't blow you away its just quietly draws you in.  I adore it!

All snowflake plates are almost always a favorite for me.  I want them all.  I want this one quite badly both it and  sister plate are sold on out on the CJS site and everywhere else I've looked too! Gah hurry up and restock!  Luckily this feels like winter which means we can use it over the entire season and not just Christmas.
Super clean and super perfect for the big day and winter itself.  Kudos for the trekking Santa here I've never seen an image like that! 

There is a lot happening on this plate.  A lot - and  most of it is good!  I mean I want all the everything here.  I will point out the Can't Wait For Xmas 02 did take the image of the bulbs which I have never seen from anyone but UberChic are present here is a smaller size and shape.  The mittens and cookies image is also very similar to images on the Pet'la plate holiday plates from a prior release.  Otherwise I'm really enchanted by most of the images here.

Fresh penguin images that are novel.  Pinecones which I adore and skates! This plate is yummy! 

Ok so I'm gonna stop here I covered a lot of plates.  Hopefully all of them will be available to you either via a stockist or the retailer directly.  Most of these you can get within a  week of ordering at least stateside though I know for a fact that many international retailers for these plates exist as well!  Happy hunting - links for all the plates are available by clicking on the name of the maker.  Enjoy the season and I'll see you soon!

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