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Hot Off The Stamping Press: New UberChic Beauty Radiate Love, Vacation Mode, Fairy Tale 2, Texturelicious 3, Lovely Leaves 2, Zombie Love 2, Lovely Leaves 2, Halloween 3, Got Chevrons, Holiday Jingle, and Collections 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22!

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Talk about a brand I'm behind in and UberChic Beauty will be at the top of the list.   Unfortunately or fortunately depending of you are and your budgeting Brittany releases plates like mad!  It means I can never ever keep up with all her wares on a bad day or a good one.  I'm behind on the last collection but because of my blog posts I know exactly where I left off.  And as it's fall she has also released several of her single release plates and mini's.  As usual quality is never the question with this brand its merely picking out the plates that make your heart strings sing and going from there! So since this is a mega post I'm just gonna dive right in!

Collection 18
Of the 3 earlier collections that I'll be discussing here today Collection 18 is by far my favorite!  The images on these plates are dynamic and fresh feeling for the most part.  I feel like we get our usual scattering of UberChic's florals as well as some of her more complex and beautiful abstracts
Ok mixed sentiment on this plate.  I love the second row from the bottom both images to the left hand side of the plate and teh arrows and semi damask print at the top.  However I don't care for the sort of "hand-doodled" look of several of the first 3 rows. I can't remember which brand had some hand doodled styled plates but Messy Mansion and Bundle Monster come to mind and I did not care for those images either.  Its probably because I prefer very crisp and clean lines when stamping.
Hello 'ello 'ello governor!  I need this plate!  Its perfect and clean in exactly the way I was describing above.  Crisp lines sharp bees and beautiful florals and abstracts.  This is a gorgeous plate!

Collection 19

Intriguing so lets explore!
This plate screams summer and I adore adore the strawberry and ice cream images! The florals are also beautiful.  I don't really care for the abstracts here though since I've seen several of them before on other plates the rippling waves reminding me grately of images I've seen on a FUN plate before.  They also feel vaguely 70's that's a decade of fashion and styling that leaves me feeling blurg!
I feel like whistling hard here!  This plate is so sexy and so well done.  I love negative space images like the kind in the bottom right hand corner of the plate!  These abstracts and florals are also fantastic.  I love this plate!
Mmmm.  Blackberries in series shrinking and blowing up.  The pom? flowers remind me of a chrysanthemum inspired nail art I did years ago using bundle monster plates.  The dots and triangles remind me a bit of recent releases from MYL this year. 

Collection 20

Another step into the world of layering?
This is a beautiful plate.  Undeniably the way that these flowers were created could allow you to create some dazzling gorgeous nail art for sure - I want this plate!
We've seen hibiscus flowers before we've seen polish bottles and pro-mani bottles before.  However why does something about this plate seem so fresh? Is it the layered images, the abstracts, the typography, or the oblong circles?  I don't know but something about this plate has me sprung....damn!
The first time I saw this plate I went - oooohhh!  I can't stop staring staring staring and imagining.  As a whole Collection 20 made me sigh large voluminous breaths.  These plates have so much potential!

Collection 21

Hmmm what would the fox say?
Pretty, pretty, pretty!  Btw I think I've seen these leave patterns before in the 4th row to the lefthand side.  It will come to me with time maybe Uberchic previously though not as small or maybe Messy Mansion...gah I hate when I can't pinpoint an image.  In any case this plate has just enough newness for me to say, "I'll take it!".
I love the typography here!  I'm not sure about the abstracts as much.  This plate has me split.
This plate does not!  I want it, I want it, I want it! I love these florals, abstracts, the balloons, and this image 3 rows from the bottom on the right hand side. These partial gradient punched out images have me SHOOK! I want more image plates like this pretty pretty please!

Collection 22

And finally the latest release!
Hmm so shockingly good things happening on this plate.  First the jewels are interesting and new from anything I've seen before.  It might be fun to try encapsulating some of these images!
Love the lines and the plats on abstracts and the reverse negative images.  This plate is interestingly minimal but could so quickly become complex with the right stamping
This collection is super strong!  I'm loving what is happening across most of these images especially the sort of magic eye images.

Vacation Mode

 I fe'll say the feel bad to say it but I don't particularly care for this plate.  I tend to shy away from these beachy vacation style plates.  Hey not everything is for everyone.  I will say palm leaves and the seashell images are fantastic.

Fairytale 02
This such an adorable and girly plate!  The tea cups and the apple have me thrilled! I would wishlist this plate since I'm not sure how much I'd use it but its lovely!

Halloween 03
Happy Holloween! This plate feels pretty standard and clasic in some ways and a bit fresh in others I love the graphic candies here the ghosts in various forms and the eyeball eye and mooned bats.  I can't remember if I snagged this one yet but even if i didn't eventually it will make it into my collection.  PS shoutout to the pumpkins in the lower righthand corner!

 Lovely Leaves 02
I don't really have anything to say here.  I have adored every "Lovely Leaf" plate that has come out!  I want this one pretty desperately.  I think it was sold out when I was Black Friday shopping when I was trying to go in for the one stop shopping kwim?

 Radiate Love
I'm not really sure waht it is about tis plate since Brittany often incorporates henna-esque imagery in her plates (see examples above) but I'm a bit on the fence about this plate maybe because I have many similar images already then again not everything for ever'body as I have said before.

 Zombie Love 02
I will just say yummy! I love zombie inspired anything.  I have the first plate its intense this one followed up quite nicely.  *quietly clicks add to cart*

Holiday Jingle
Its a Christmas 2017 favorite.  P.S. I own it. P.P.S. this plate is everything!

So what do you like what did you get during the epic Black Friday sale where most of these plates were a whopping 30% off?  If you didn't don't sweat it.  Whats Up Nails regularly stocks these plates and is having an advent calendar sale over the next 12 days with deep discounts so you may be able to snag it over there.  If not grab these plates collections and more at the UberChic Beauty website. Plates retail for 24.99 for collections and $14.99 for singular plates.  Thanks for reading happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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