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Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Porcelain Collection, Doodles Expansion, & Price Increase?

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Happy Friday again!  I have a lot of releases to share with you guys as fall is around the corner and upcoming holidays companies are starting to release their seasonal collections and new curations.  Now this is both exciting and horrifying because it definitely means having to budget your monies accordingly to make the most of the new releases and art.  Its hard enough being a stamping addict but when you combine that with being a polish addict as well things get hairy.  MoYou London has put out an entirely new collection last week and your girl also noticed that along with this new collection the prices seem to be on the rise as well.

Doodles Collection Expansion

So somehow I missed this expansion.  I was flipping through my plates since I'd made a recent purchase of MYL plates from their sale and I realized that the Doodles Collection has expanded by two new plates!  So this is one of the rare squares on squares plats that MYL sometimes released.  I never know how I feel about these because the squares never full fit my nails even my shorties right now, but I do think that's the point with the Doodles i.e. you are supposed to layer them up and multi-stamp.  The images here are sort of a mix of geometrics and funky shapes I haven't seen before.  Despite the squares on squares I like this one a lot!

This plate is utterly beautiful BUT I have seen these flowers before on the Marianne Nails plates and from what I recall on some of the BBF Nails plates and Apipila Cometicos plates.  You savvy?  Lol beautiful but an absolute dupe of those that have come before.

Porcelain Collection

Let me start by saying these plates are absolutely stunning!  The avatar for this one is Grace and the collection centers around her world of porcelain tiles, nature inspired motifs, Russian flowers, and traditional Chinese florals.  Whew!  They packed a lot of concepts into this collection and it shows.  I love the cranes and birds and florals in this plate so much. On tope of that the cascading lines in the abstracts just puts it over the top for me.  Essentially without going beyond plate one, though I will, I will say this collection is a must have.

Boy oh boy, bigger is definitely better! Pretty pretty pretty the only thing that bums me out when they increase the size of these plates is when I love all the images on the smaller size but they don't get carried over to the XL size.

Here come the china patterns and florals and it's love!  Ugh I'm really in love with everything that's happening on these plates.  I want to get my hands on those tiny little flowers so badly!

And yay they managed to move most of it over to the XL size and I see the birds I didn't realize were hidden within the florals.

And the final plate is even more beautiful and has a bit of a Frenchy Collection feel with the curved floral motif row.  I also love the mixed plaids here.  Sigh what a beautiful beautiful set of plates...

Price Increase?

Now let's talk about the problem I have with this set of plates.  I noticed that once again as with the Summer Vibes Collection the price point on these plates is set at 6.99 GBP and I'm wondering why.  I had I guess wrongly assumed the reason the Summer Vibes plates were priced higher is because they were a limited edition run though I don't know why they needed to be LE either.  Now I look back and see the Henna Collection expansion from 2 weeks ago was also priced at 6.99 GBP.  So is MYL raising the price of their plates even though they had just recently raised them before from 4.99 to 5.99? 

I'm just going to come out and say I'm so unhappy about this as MYL plates are IMO already expensive, but when I asked them directly about a price increase on IG they just ignored my question and didn't respond.  I dislike intensely that this price increase feels like some secret that they are trying to sneak on the consumer instead of just announcing hey we are increasing the price again.  Also I'm just going to say it when I'm buying plates I do think about the number of images and re-use value I get out of them.  I can buy an entire set of more than 30-40 images from a company like UberChic Beauty or FUN or CJS for only $3-4 more than what MYL is charging for their much smaller plates.  I'm not going to pay that much for these plates over time when the value is decreasing less and less with each price increase.  As you can read clearly I love the creativity and beauty of MYL plates, but as a consumer I can't afford $9-10 per small plate when competitors are pricing their same sized plates much lower AND I can purchase from different brands and get more images per plate. 

What do you think? Am I just being a stingy and cheap biatch? I feel badly for saying it because I have loved and supported MYL from its inception.  At one point I even had  discount code they issued for my followers, but as time has gone on I do feel MYL has moved away from its consumers somewhat, they no longer do those little codes for bloggers, the bloggers they do choose are those with only massive followings, and they continue to increase prices but aren't transparent about those increases as they should be.  And when that starts to happen I start to see the company as more of a "massive/corporate" entity and that more than anything will drive me toward the indies which I do tend to support more anyway.   Thoughts thoughts?  You can find all the plates I discussed on the MoYou London website.  The Doodles Collection is priced at 5.99 GBP and one is currently on sale for 2.99 GBP.  The Porcelain Collection is as discussed priced at 6.99 GBP.  Thanks so much for reading, happy hunting,  and I'll see you next post!

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