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My Favorite Plates for Halloween 2018!

Hey stamp champs,
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Its been a quiet week so I must apologize.  I haven't been feeling very well this last week and instead my bones have been shaking & quaking and causing me more & more problems as the week progressed until yesterday when I could barely move around in my home and ended up sleeping most of the day and taking medications.  I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better today so I thought I better get my  my annual favorites for Halloween post up since unbelievably its already the 24th of September!  Last year I did an updated post from my very first Halloween favorites back in 2014 (wow - ancient!) and this year I thought I would continue the tradition and show you some new plates that have caught my eye and made me go yes please!  Some you will have to get on the ball to order immediately if they are going to make it to you in time, but trust when I say they will be UTTERLY worth it.

I try not to repeat plates or images across my favorites so you may want to go back and see what I have liked in the past as well!

*********** Halloween 2014 Favorites ************ Halloween 2017 Favorites  ************

Mundo de UNAS

Let me start by saying MdU is a brand more known for stamping polishes than stamping plates, and I think that's going to gradually start to change.  Last year Slyvia, the owner & creator, released a set of Nightmare Before Christmas plates set around Jack The Pumpkin King that left my mind blown.  Like this year I did not see them until late in September & because it is an international purchase I got them late in October & didn't have a chance to play with them as I wanted to for Halloween.   I had decided to save them for Christmas, but as you all know now I became profoundly ill & really hadn't touched my plates up until more recently.

This plate is perhaps my favorite of the entire group!  For those of you that don't know I am a massive massive fan of Tim Burton particularly his stop-motion animation films.   They are agony to make, require incredible attention to detail and as a result require oodles of time to film.   I think its this special attribute more than anything else that makes me love these movies - they are literally a labour of love.   For the hardcore fans you'll note the presence of Coraline here which while certainly a stop-motion animation is not a Burton film, but when this plate has the brilliantly stretched faces of Adam & Barbara from Beetlejuice on full display literally wtf cares?!?  I'm so in love with this plate its ridiculous.  This has so many great references including Frankenweenie which I have never seen on any plate - I need this now - you need this now!

You guys may remember I posted an iteration of this plate before from back in the day when the images were tiny and made on the old Handy plates.  Its not that the images weren't nice but they were so small they were frustrating to use.  I'm hopeful that with this plate the images will be much larger & more satisfactory.  I mean I need that Beetlejuice & Lydia floating head to be larger so you can actually see what's happening on the nail!

Same explanation as above.  I wanted these images in a larger size than what the old Handy plates offered particularly given all the images of Jack & Sally!

This plate is what I call a little sampler.  You could literally create about 20 different looks using characters on this plate as anchoring imagery.  Plus I am literally LOVING all the Snoopy, Garfield & Hello kitty images!  Halloween is just such a fun holiday along with Christmas because so many of my favorite nail art images comes from this day.  Casper the Friendly Ghost is a character I haven't seen in ages.  Honestly this is such a lovely plate!

I solemnly swear I am up to no good!  Yaaaaaassss!  Y'all know there isn't a Harry Potter plate I can resist.  I'm of the opinion that they just keep getting better and better and these platemakers are crushing it.  Some of the first images and plates I have with HP themes are so basic when I look back and compare its insane. Recall my Apipila manicure from nearly 5 years ago they barely had the HP typography.  Yet these are so detailed - just look at the faces!  Plus the best part of HP plates along with NBC plates?  They double up for Christmas!

And it just gets better and better!  The typography is brilliant and I love this iteration of the sorting hat which I've never seen before plus we get all the house emblems!  This plate literally tried to fit so many themes in as well including Harry playing quidditch and its done with such aplomb!  I will admit a few of these do overlap slightly with some imagery from BBF Nail Art's HP plates such as Harry, Hermoine, Ron & Professor Snape but I keep seeing those faces everywhere.  Most of these images are though pretty fresh.

I am a horror movie buff! Not only do I love watching them at home with all the lights out and set with a creepy mood, but I actively look for great films coming out around Halloween for maximum fright.  On top of this I really love the makeups that are created for some of these classic horrror movies so when I see Freddy Kruger, the Scream mask, Annabel, Hannibal, the Grudge girl, etc etc I get so excited! They even got the Nun in aka Valek from the Conjuring universe (as is Annabelle if you know your stuff)!  I'll just leave it here....7 days......P.S. Who is excited to see the new Friday The 13th? Ugh its going to be epic!

So I realized I committed the ultimate sin last year and didn't share the Jack plates?!?!? I was looking back at my post & I was like how did that happen!  The only thing I can think of is that maybe they weren't released yet when I released the post?  Gack!

Darling be still my heart!  These plates are absolutely fabo!  Plus we get a little more Beetlejuice imagery on the first plate including a chibi version of the main character that gives me the a serious case of the giggles...Can you hear the theme song yet?

Ooooooh I adore this one! It even features Oogie Boogie's helpers - Lock, Stock, & Barrel!  Making Christmas....making christmas la la *insert evil smile here*

This is clearly the more x-masy plate of the 3 with Jack frolicking in snow, but nevertheless they are ALL awesome and so perfect for Halloween.  These plates all retail for the insanely reasonable price of $3.50 and I can attest to the quality of these since I own them.  Plus right now MdU has a 10% code for those placing orders on her new website "NEWSITE1O" that you can use to accrue even more savings!  While you're over there I'd definitely scoop up some of her polishes too which are bar non my favorite non-gel stamping polishes of all time!

UberChic Beauty

When you want classic cute, perfect typography, and  layered yumminess look no further than the UberChic Beauty plates.  Brittany literally has every classic image you could want across the season on all 4 of Halloween plates and lucky ducky that I am I've manage to get all of them!  These are what I call my sweet and cute collection of Halloween images lol. They ride the perfect line and I think are the most "wearable" for work settings.   P.S. my favorite of all of her halloween plates are the Zombie Love images.  They are definitely more hardcore & realistic and awesome!  Both got solid mentions on my favorites from last year!

Sugar Bubbles

Come on guys you know there will never be a year where I don't include Sugar Bubbles stamping plates in my favorite Halloween stamping plates.  Frankly Vivi makes some of my favorite plates in world.  She is bloody brilliant and her plates are a clear reflection of that brilliance and creativity! For instance this plate above is the perfect balance of cute & creepy.  I love the stretched out eyes of the ghost, the dripping eyeball, & the highly stylized spider. I just want to keep on saying yes yes yes please!

Speaking of the Nightmare Before Christmas (NBC) and cult characters this plate is even more awesome!  Note the snake monster from Beetlejuice at the bottom right-hand corner too. I see two iterations of Zero one of which is chibi style, Oogie Boogie, Lock Stock, & Barrel and the creepy ass mean professor who Sally works for!  Ugh I need all the awesome! These plates usually be found at Latnern & Wren & Beautometry stateside.

Dixie Plates

Penniwise the absolutely evil It clown and the tiny chibi characters at the bottom of the plate are literally pulling me into this plate so hardcore!  In addition I love the twisted thorns at the top and the stumbling zombies chasing a relatively healthy looking character.  Lol.  While Dixie Girl is a little bit of a newer brand for me I do have several of this Aussie brands' plates and thus far all of them have consistently well etched and high quality.  These plates and the Sugar Bubbles plates as well as the Clear Jelly Stamper plates can be found at Beautometry.

Clear Jelly Stamper

Romantic Rebel.  I haven't really posted too much about the Clear Jelly Stamper plates because I've only been slowly getting into them recently, but I have to say what I have discovered has been pretty darn stunning!  For instance this plate is so goth pretty.  This is halloween done sexy and lacey and me likey!

For those that love classic cute welcome Witches Brew which contains some of the most adorable images for quick & customized looks thanks to the layering nature of these plates that I've seen in a while.  The circles at the bottom are actually layered eyeballs, there are also ghosts, potions, zombies and more.  I'm definitely pleased with this one and I can't wait to take it out for a spin!

MoYou London

Here's another brand that generally ends up getting a plate or two into my Halloween favorites & this year MYL once again managed to slip into the mix.  I will say I'm still frustrated by the hidden but not so hidden price point increase that happened a few weeks ago and despite an email sent to the company I still haven't gotten a response to that question.  However given plate after plate since the Collab have release at 6.99 GBP I think its safe to say the price has increased for all new plates while old plates will remain at the 5;99. 

Now despite that these last 3 festive plates are ridiculously awesome!  Gah! This is how MYL gets me.  The perfect mix of whimsy and cute!  Plus the typography is dead on.  This is one of my favorite of the 3.

Here's my absolute favorite!  MYL rarely does characters in terms of faces or personalities on their plates so when they do I feel like its always done in such a stylized manner and in this case that's clear as well!  Wendy from the Addams family done MYL style. I love the mermaid girl and the witch and again all the typography!  You did good MYL!                                                                                                                                                                                         

This plate is outstanding and reminds me so much of the typography plate that looked like a Ouija board but with much more exploration and elaboration.  Honestly I have to say all 3 of these plates are so well done and interesting.  This goes to show you no matter how many plates are out there as long as you have an imagination you can make an old idea and holiday images seem fresh again.  These plates have already released on the MYL website for the aforementioned 6.99 GBP.

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