Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Favorite Nail Art Stamping Plates for Halloween!

Hey stamp champs,

This post is overdue - eep!  I wanted to get it up at the start of the month, but things happened as you well know.  However I still would like to give some of my Halloween loving followers a chance to check out plates that are much beloved in my collection for the Halloween holiday.  I say this despite never having enough time during the month of October to put up all the Halloween nail art I want too.  I'm not sure what to do about that but whatever.  For now let's enjoy the nail art plate spam!

My absolute favorites are none other than the HD plates from Bunny Nails! PS I also have the now discontinued round smaller version of these plates.  Most of the images cross over so you you aren't missing out on too much :)


With these two plates alone you don't have to reach for a single other design if you don't want to.  Both would carry you through the holiday with multiple designs to work with.

Vivid Lacquer 013

The moons on this plate kill me! I don't own another plate with such pronounced and awesome moons.  I didn't get to play with this plate nearly enough for my taste last year.  I doubt I will this year as well alas! But what a spectacular plate! Also love love the spiderweb on this one!

For all those set lovers out there generally Bundle Monster 2012 and HD series....has rocking Halloween themed imagery, but if you own all the BM plates then you know you can take your pick through every release and find great images...

Nailways Darker Period

Ok talk about under appreciated and totally kawaii! Nailways doesn't get enough love on my blog despite the fact that I own every single release of plates they've put out.  Darker Period released last year.  It has dragons, mythical beast, disney characters such as Beast, spiderwebs, and more.  In short these plates are adorable and unique.  I'm pretty sure I used one last year for some Halloween nail art.

Speaking of darker things let me not forget one of my favorite plates perfect for Halloween and all the Potter heads out there Apipila P.10.   I'll be honest some of these plates will likely be more difficult to obtain especially the Apipila plates.  If you have a secondary resource for the Apipila plates - such as a reseller there are actually many in Brazil that's probably your best bet.  For some extra cheer let's throw all the HP inspired plates and imagery under this section as well.

Chocolate Vanity HP plate (I still want this one unbelievably badly!) It's not listed in the store currently either :/

Sugar Bubbles

Hello Beetlejuice and Monster High! Of course if you know this brand well enough you would also recognize that Sugar Bubbles has a host of images that are perfect for Halloween as she has a very gothy skull centric lean to her line... :)

Pay attention or you'll miss the Walking Dead image!  ;)

In mentioning Beetlejuice I neglected to mention the Corpse Bride who is honestly adorable...and yes there are plates that feature images from this Burton winner!  Hello Handy Nail Art Stamping plates!  Your best bet for getting these currently is Moon Nails Supply

One more before you guys decide that I'm crazy and need to be hauled off to the looney bin! Chez Delaney Halloween series....there are more of these plates but currently they aren't listed on the website other than the first two and I can't find a picture of Halloween 001. Perhaps because they are sold out, but you know I used a different one for that watermarble look I did a week or  two ago...



So I'm going to stop right here.  I'm also going to say yeah there are a lot of awesome plates out there if you just look around for Halloween from literally all across the globe.  I certainly didn't even cover all the Halloween possible plates in my arsenal, but only a few of my favorites.  Depending on where you reside there is a chance to still purchase and get many of these in time for Halloween festivities. I made an extra effort and put the links to each of these shops right with the description and images of plates so you don't have to look around.  However as always any of the plates I have listed here have links to where you can purchase them in my Stamping Supplies page.  Please check there for more details regarding costs and shipping.  Happy Halloween and hunting stamp champs...I'll see you next post!


  1. that Vivid Lacquer 013!!! I love the more realistic approach here. The moons and the web certainly stand out but those autumn leaves are gorgeous too. This one is definitely going on my wish list! ^^

    Thanks for putting this summary together! :)

  2. Yeah I love that plate! I remember when I got it last year just kind of being really surprised by how sweet it is, but the moons <3 omg I love those freaking moons! And yes I like the Halloween plates that double up with Autumn images too. This keeps the plate from going totally stagnant when October ends but we are still in the fall like November. Glad you liked the post. I honestly can't remember who asked me to put this together it was in the comments but got deleted along with the original posts from blogger.

  3. I second Conny's comment. That particular plate is really really pretty!
    I didn't even know there were so many Halloween themed plates. Awesome! I definitely liked this post too :]

  4. Aww thanks sweetie! Yup there are lots and lots of Halloween plates! Lol I could probably do this post again next year and never mention the same plates and still have tons more to show. Lol people really love Halloween :) Myself included for all the fun nail art :) I figured I will do the same thing for Christmas since I've had such a good response :)

  5. ooohooo witchee woman... you need to be using those plates! Why do I always want to sing to you? lol Great post! I would say lemme borrow some, but I haven't used any of mine yet. (hugs) Hope you get a break soon. <3

  6. Hello sweetie! Yeah I know every year it's a disaster for Halloween I accumulate the plates and then never get to use them. October is always an oddly busy month for me, but I've no idea why most of the time. I would totally lend them to you too at least I know they would be used and loved :) Break is coming in December! Looking forward to it but also stressed I'll shoot you a PM soon lovey. PS you can sing to me anytime :)


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