Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween 2014: Essie Cute & Girly Halloween Nail Art

Hey lacqueristas,

I really wish I had more time to put up Halloween nail art.  As it is I'll be lucky if I can get up even a few more, but one thing I always try to do every year is create a Halloween nail art look that is feminine, sweet, and all things girly.  I think I wasn't able to post such a look last year and it fact this may be the first.  I know a lot of ladies always want their nails to look soft and feminine and that can be hard with all the whimsy and scary going on this time of year.  In my case I like all three looks, but will always abstain from gorey Halloween nail art because no matter what I put on my nails I always want them to look at least minimally cute. Lol! I get enough gore in my daytime job so I don't need it on my nails too.  In any case here's the softer look I created for todays post....

Duri Rejuvacoate / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Essie Resort Fling and Cocktails and Coconuts
Loja BBF 02
Mundo de Unas #1 (Black)

How cute and girly is this mani right? For me a lot of the cue for how a nail art look will start is with the base color.  If I pick something soft then the result will be something soft unless I go crazy with the stamping.  I say this for those that also want to create a less harsh Halloween themed nail art design.  Both colors I choose were from the Essie Resort collection that released around spring of this year.  Totally the antithesis of haunted and Halloweenish, but it worked well right? This look could also have been made even softer by using different color stamping polish like a brown.

Does anyone else like softer looks for the Halloween theme? I think these are so cute and somehow manage to go with my newly chopped off nails.  Of course you know I will always favor bolder colors when it comes to my nails, but this is so subtle and cute I can't help but smile when I look at them! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....

P.S. How cute is my new Halloween blog signature? Lots of tricks and treats for the season :)

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