Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MoYou London Rebel Plates!

Happy hump day stamp champs,

I'm going to be pouring on the plates today first because a few are my regularly scheduled posts and others because I could not wait to share them with you because I simply could not resist their sweet allure ;)  Now as usual for Wednesdays I have the weekly releasing MoYou London plates.  I was surprised to see that the Rebel Collection was back! I loved this collection when it released and own all the plates so I was excited to see what MoYou had in store for us next...

Um so I was less than thrilled to see this plate.  I'm all for typography but this is a bit much, plus I own a whole plate of mustaches from the Rebel Collection so I'm surprised to see more appearing on this plate.  Of the entirety the lower row is my favorite oh and the Keep Calm Bitch image lolololol

This plate is cool, but busy  I looked at it and was like woah there is a lot going on and for once its a little too much for me though I do like the individual select images I'm seeing buried inside the whole.

So what do you think?  For me these plates are pass thought I may wishlist the upper plate for some of the funny commentary.  I wanted these plates to be a little stronger than they were.  In any case they will be releasing Friday on the MoYou London website as usual and retail for 4.99 GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....


  1. No 06 look amazing

  2. Lol it's cute, but I think there is a little too much going on for me on that one :) But I do think the individual images buried in the whole are adorable!


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