Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Marinanne Nails Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey lacqueristas,

I really stand by the theory of raining and pouring plates.  I really do.  It seems plate makers all get together and plot our monetary downfall.  Between the platemakers and the indie polish makers my wallet is weeping blood lol! Alas if only everything wasn't so freaking tempting.  Well get your wallets ready because these next plates are going to leave you begging for mercy ;)  That's right finally Ghislaine, owner and creator of Marianne Nails, is set to release a new batch of plates and boy did she knock these out of the ball park.  If you don't remember this the French brand of indie plates I reviewed and blogged about before (you can read the review here).  At last count here were 56 plates that were part of the old series.  Today I will be showing you 35 more from the new series...

Lace darlings and don't the French make this stuff look so sultry?

Fairies faires faires.  Happy to see these return as the last series featuring the darling nyphms sold out quickly!

And this time we have even more magical options!

Floral power!

I would knock over an old lady to own this plate now! Ok maybe not knock her over, but gently place her to the side out of my way so I could mow down others on my quest for these awesome images! Hello Jack Skellington.

Cindy Lou Who was a who....wait who cares who Cindy Lou Who was just get on my freaking nails now!

Classic images reminds me deeply of the MoYou Pro series i.e. these are images that will serve a stamper well in their collection because they are timeless.

Simply more of the same classic imagery.  The floral motifs here are beautiful!

I need this plate! You need this plate but I need it more!

Another plate I may place an elderly lady aside for.  Yeah this one is gorgeous.  The ideas are flowing and they involve duochromes ;)

Parisians in love.  It's probably ultra romantic, but unless my love story comes with shoes from a certain famous French shoemaker it ain't happening lol

More lace for the obsessed out there (this includes me ;)

Ok now we are starting to hit the territory of the new release that I term must haves.  I have a similar plate in my collection from Apipila, but damn this is gorgeous!

Oui! That is all...

Now entering organ selling territory...I have two kidneys and at least one lobe of a liver to spare.  I wonder how many stamping plates that can get me?

Oy I have sold everything why are you doing this to me! Seriously killer killer plates!

Ghislaine said she made these images with a serious passion.  I think she just may be one of the most passionate women I know because they are flawless flawless designs!

Well I've already had several seizures staring at these plates.  Honestly I can't say anything else except darnit take my money and gimme the plates!

Ok the birds and the swirls here are just gorgeous!

Look at the detailing of the flowers on this plate! It's insane.

More abstracts which you know I love.

Even more I wonder with what kind of passion Ghislaine was whipping these plates up with ;)

A sexy evening I think.   Image in the left lower hand corner is unbelievable!

Sultry nights...

Elegant days....

I adore this plate.  The silhouette here is lovely...
Just in case you weren't paying attention another beautiful landscape image. I have a similar plate to this one but I still want more!

More butterflies for the fanatics out there.  There was a really gorgeous butterfly plate in the last series.

Wow this one is spot on!

Giddy up cowgirls ;) I want this one badly! The Redskins fan in me is howling!! I will admit though I am still waiting for a plate that says "Save a horse, ride a cowboy!" Lol

You know if love typography! PS All you need is love quote reminds me of one of the few rom-com movies that I actually like "Love, Acutally". Great movie this plate has Valentine's Day written all over it!

Another awesome XXL plate look at all the American Indian imagery!  Tons of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.  Also 4th from the right 7th row down - LOVE!!!

Okay so what do you think? Did you just have a plate-gasm multi plate-gasm? Lol let me stop but seriously these plates are totally amazing right!?! These will be available for purchase in November for 6.50 Euro per plate and the XXL will be 22.20 Euros.  I'll keep you updated when they release.  Ghislaine told me as well the plates in the new series will have different covers from the old ones as well as different colored backing :) It will be a great way to tell which collection you are pulling a plate from! In the meantime you can also purchase the 1st collection here and check out all the other prior releases.  You can keep updated with Marianne Nails via Facebook!  Happy drooling lacqueristas and I'll see you next post....


  1. Arrrrg, your blog is so dangerous! I had some seizures and plate-gasms looking at some plates also! LOL I might have to finally cave in if the shipping isn't too much :D

  2. Some of these plates have imagery that is almost identical to other plates on the market. Plate 69 is basically Apipila P21 doubled.

  3. Yup that's why I said that I have a similar plate already in the post, but I will point out that Apipila is one of the most difficult international companies to shop with and as such it can be difficult to obtain her plates in a reasonable timeframe or cost (related to shipping). This is a good alternative to those who don't already own that plate. There are only 2 others with similar imagery to other brands, which I have pointed out, otherwise as a whole these plates are extremely unique and gorgeous!

  4. It is Cassis ;) Shoot me a PM on Facebook and I will tag you to the GB post when it starts hopefully there will be an international option barring that maybe Nail Stamping Queen group can set one up?

  5. These are french, right? So what more can I say - Oh Mon Dieu! Je veux, j'ai besoin!

  6. Really funny and well written! xD I agree with you ... just take my money and give me ALL TEH PLATES. O_O I wish I could afford them all. But I must choose. =( #firstworldprobs

  7. Really funny and well written! xD I agree with you ... just take my money and give me ALL TEH PLATES. O_O I wish I could afford them all. But I must choose. =( #firstworldprobs

  8. Oh thank you my dear ;) I also have first world problems. You'd think with all the plates I post I'd own everything, but seriously if I purchased everything I posted I'd be living in a house made of stamping plates and eating ramen for life. Still this is one release where I want to say "Give me ALL the plates!"


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