Monday, October 6, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Dashica Beauty Infinity Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  As I said yesterday/last night I am quite a ways behind on my Stamping Press series. As school, work, and travel have picked up I have much less time these days, but I still wanted to make sure my followers know what options you have out  there especially with all these newly releasing plates.   Today I have 30 new Infinity plates to share with you from Dashica Beauty.  I really love this series from the owner and creator, Shirley Dashica, and own around 50 of these plates myself.  They are definitely some of the more creative plates I own in my stash so lets take a look!


So as always with the Infinity plates I have the ones I absolutely must have as well as those which are passes for me.  Personally I love all the Infinity plates, but some have images that I feel are already represented in my collection, leopard prints christmas prints, and so I don't want to keep piling up too many images like this.  It also helps to save money because unfortunately I am not a heiress or independently wealthy meaning I can't buy EVERYTHING I want lol. For the first 2 plates these will probably be passes for me though I am always weak to typography.


Plate 76 reminds me so much of a plate I have from Apipila or UP.  I'm sure it will come to me soon. It may also be on one of the prior SdP plates... The snowflakes are a pass because i already own too many plates with just snowflakes, at least 4 or 5, though the flake in the lower right hand corner is totally unique.


Love 80  I see some some images from MoYou London on 81, but maybe they are stock images that both companies purchased?


 Dot tribals! This is my first time seeing these before.  83 offers us eaves an foliage that are perfect for the fall and upcoming thanksgiving holiday.


The images on 84 are very similiar to ones released on a prior Infinity plate, but just different enough to still be worth having.  I love plate 85 to bits! That would be a great plate for both leadlighting and decaling.


86 in usnique and yet at the same time I don't feel like this is a plate I have to have.  I like the play on the tuxedos but the upper image with all the chevrons is a bit too much for me. The typography is cute, but I find I never really end up using my I heart "insert whatever here" images.  I have several plates like these from MoYou London and Marianne Nails, but I seldom use them so I'll hold off for now, but I do like the golden arches :)


I'll take that fairy plate.  Shirley did single mirror images of Tinkerbell like this in the last release and I love that plate so I'm happy to see another one with different fairies! Also in case you didn't notice this plate includes images from My Little Pony! Squee!


I like plate 90, but plate 91 is a pass.  I have an Apipila plate that has tons of floral images of single flowers so I promised myself not to buy any more single floral images until I used that one more lol


No we are talking! Really I'm so easy and simple to figure out.  If you just give me abstracts and tribals I'm the happiest lady in the world! Lol I will find an excuse to add them to my collection even though I already have far too many.  Oy plate 92 come home to mama!


Plate 95 is very similar to 76 and 96 is basically individual elements of 95 with fairies thrown in for intterest.  I'm not sure how I feel about these plates to be honest.  I loe 95 but it's so similar and before enlarging the image from 96 I was sure it was a pass until I saw the fairies.  Sigh - plate addict problems...


97 features a lot of images from both the SdP collection and from the prior release of the Infinity plates - in individual cutouts.  However 98 is awesome! So cool and original I have to have it!

I don't think I've ever seen abstracts like this before from plate 99.  How cool!


Individual images of plate 95 on plate 101.  I'm not sure why this is necessary since you can pull out images in isolation from the plate as a whole but maybe this is for people who struggle with that?  102 is also a pass for me but cute in its own way.


103 is beautiful, but I think I have similar images from the SdP series.  I'd have to go back and check to make sure, but I feel relatively confident that I do.


Tigger and owls.  Sold!

So there you have it the latest release of plates from the Dashica Beauty Infinity series.  Are there any that you can't live without?  I definitely have several that are on my purchasing wishlist.  The great part about these plates is if you order them now you can save 10% off during the preorder and also any purchases of 75 Euro's or more qualifies for free shipping.  A savvy shopper might go int on a few plates with a couple of friends to get a total savings all around!  In any case these plates retail for 4.99 Euro and are available now on the Dashica Beauty website.  Happy hunting lacqueristas and see you next post...

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