Monday, October 6, 2014

Hot Off the Stamping Press: AliExpress Halloween Nail Art Stamping Plate

Yo stamp tramps,

I've fallen a bit behind in the stamping press posts so I will try and make up for that today.  I discovered a new Halloween themed stamping plate on AliExpress about 2 weeks ago that I thought I'd share.  IF you order it now you will likely get it before the holiday which is why I wanted to post about it sooner!

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This image here is actually from a store selling the same plate on Amazon UK for 6.99 Euro's + free shipping calledDavisonne store.  The same exact plate is available from AliExpress here for $3.90 USD with free shipping.   Apparently this plate has actually been out for over a year!

In any case in a surprising move Cici & Sisi have also released the same plate - an exact dupe with the only difference being the landscape image which is larger and incorporates a few changes such as bats.  It also fills the entire bottom row of the plate.  Ironically the AE plate retails for about $3-4USD with free shipping and smaller (more reasonably sized images) while the Cici and Sisi plate retails for $13 + shipping with larger images.  I won't be doing a separate post on the Cici & Sisi plates since I am not a big propionate of outright duping and the price difference is insane, but I will leave the link here for those that wish to purchase it with them via amazon.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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