Friday, August 31, 2018

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Lovely Leaves 3 & Halloween 4 Stamping Plates!

Happy Friday stamperistas,
Nothing To Disclose

Where the hell has the summer gone?!?  I'm literally gobsmacked that it's going to be September already.  This year has literally flown by for me but particularly the summer,  BUT I am so excited for fall!  Not ONLY is it PSL season (yes all hail the PSL!) but its time to start thinking about all the fall nail art that is just so much fun including one of my favorite holidays Halloween!  And just in time for that thinking are new plates from UberChic Beauty inspired by the upcoming fall season!  Can I just say yay!

 Let's start with Lovely Leaves 3. I have been in love with the lovely leaves plates since the first iteration.  They are beautiful plates that always pull in the sense of foliage and bark and just fun.  I'm loving all the falling leaves images on this plate and particularly the image of the aspen trees.  Those layered images are genius!  I think actually this is skill Brittany is getting better and better at mastering which means I have to work harder to make these images come alive on my nails to do justice to the awesome designs!

Here's a close up of the aspen tree design and a how to.  See what I mean?  Bloody brilliant!  I can't even.  I'd love to just recreate this in its entirety but I do think I'd like to change the base palette on my own nails which have finally grown out enough to do justice to the tree lengths.

Boy its time to start thinking about Halloween already.  When I saw this launch I realized I have to go and pull out all of my Halloween plates again.  Every year I never get all the looks done that I want, but this year I'm going to challenge myself utterly and since I have them and Target already put out their halloween stuffs I'm going to be doing Halloween nail art starting right in September.  Hell why not?  Now the thing about the Halloween plates from UberChic is they always manage to settle right in between classic and cute, which is why I own all of them released thus far.  This one is no exception from the tiny and somehow delightful spiderwebs to the the adorable typography - "quit yo witchin'".  I love that!  This is just a classic cute plate that fits along with the others in the series.

So I know its early I do but what do you think? I must have that Lovely Leaves plate since the imagery is so epic! If you aren't familiar with that series or the Halloween plates now is a good time to hit up the fall plates tab on the UberChic Beauty website.  Not only does it feature the two series above but it also includes one of my favorite series of all time from UC - Zombie Love.  These individual plates retail for the usual price of $14.99 USD.   Also right now if you spend $50 you can get that stunning holo Sun Glasses case I was drooling over at the last launch!  Lol.  I wanted to mention that because I swear a while ago I saw a coupon on the site for 15% off if you were a new customer.  I'd definitely pay attention to the site when purchasing to make sure you are maximizing your savings and taking advantage of the deals on offer!  Ok thanks so much for reading and happy hunting my little ghouls!

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