Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Art Deco Chic, Cultural Rhythm, Lifestyle Products, & New Stamping Tools

Hiya stamperistas,

Nothing To Disclose

Can I just say thank you so much to everyone who has wished me well recently in my troubles with my health & becoming recently wheelchair bound.  It's been amazingly kind & motivating.  It would be a lie to say this hasn't been so incredibly hard for me & its been taking a toll adjusting but I still have so much faith in the process of medicine & healing and I know I can overcome this, but hearing you guys wishing me well & saying you believe in me helps me to believe it too so thank you so much for that!  Phew - now that I've gotten that sappiness out and speaking of someone who has always had faith in me ;et's talk about Brittany & UberChic Beauty's latest releases.  And can I just say this company has become a powerhouse of releases.  I can never keep up!

The 1920's is definitely one of my favorite eras in terms of fashion and archietecture.  Lord knows I'm no beanpole but when I picture those  beautiful beaded gowns and luxurious furred stoles of the era I get so excited.  But the other thing i really love are the designs that arose in archietecture during this period.  They tend to be striking, bold, symmetrical & clean.  So when I see a plate like this I get sprung.  I believe currently I only have 2 plates that are 1920's inspired but none with these designs.  This plate feels really fresh would be a welcome addition to my collection.  Love!
Y'all know I love a good tribal so I squealed when I saw this plate.  Here's the thing the designs on this plate is really different from other tribals I've seen.  These feel more like cave painting style...if you kwim??  And because they seem that way this plate once again becomes fairly unique.  In addition I like that Brit didn't fall back on the old adage of chevrons only, feathers, etc.   And as usual with UCB there are a lot of double negative reciprocal images which I adore!  

Now let's sort of switch gears.  First I'm going to show you some new UC brand tools that Brittany literally released 2 weeks ago (?) and then I'm gonna hit you with her latest inventions for those of us who like to sparkles elsewhere besides our nails!

I'm of the opinion your stamping is only as good as the tools you use and these are amazing looking! I have a version of the "Puff & Stamp" and its recently become one of my favorite tools for catching and placing tiny details.   I love all the little sparkling crystals in each tool as well.  It just adds a little extra omphf to the whole experience.  When you've been stamping as long as I have its little things like that that get me excited.  I've seen so much its easy to kind of get into a slump when companies or products don't pay attention to these little details or just copy each other.  UberChic is keeping it pretty novel & I appreciate that!  I want that striper especially since it looks so perfectly thin  & balanced.  Also the Bling & Placement tool looks awesome.  I can't tell if the tip is wax or not but I like a tool like this because it would help me with placement without blocking the camera when I'm filming.  PS I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you when you buy 3 or more of the UCB tools you get 20% off the total   I don't think you need a code since I didn't see one on the email but I'd act now while everything is still in stock.

And now here we go with the latest innovation - lifestyle products!  Yay I wanted to show you this bag first because I think most of us these days are using reusable bags instead of plastic or paper bags when shopping.  This is such a cute iridescent tote and these pictures do not do justice to how sparkly

& reflective this is in real life!  I know because I have one that Brittany generously sent to me and I love it!  It was the perfect gift too because I needed a bag to place on back of my wheelchair when I'm out and about & not only is this the perfect size but its also pretty! And guess what there's more...


Business Card holders....how cute is this?  You know I actually am a person who has business cards in my regular line of work but I never have them on hand when I'm asked for them.  Maybe if I had a nice holder I'd be more inclined to carry them about.  PS I love the faux reptile skin embossing!

Passport holder.  This one is also pretty.  This totally reminded me that my passport has expired and I need to get a new one at some point.
Finally sunglasses case.  This is pretty.  I have a terrible tendency to lose my sunglasses so I started buying oversize cases to keep track of them so this kind of product is right up my alley

I'm gonna have to get this glass case ASAP - its a stunner that needs to be in my bag!

So what do you think?  Any standouts or favorites leaping out at you from this release?  These items are currently all available on the UberChic Beauty website.  Individual plates retail for 14.99 USD, tools vary but range from $7.75-9.99  USD, and finally lifestyle products also vary in price ranging from   $15.00-35.00.  Thanks so much for reading, happy hunting, and I'll see you next post!

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