Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Summer Vibes Collection, Hipster Collection Expansion, Henna Collection Expansion, & Collabs Collection

Hey stamp champs,

Ahoy ahoy there maties!  I really love posting press releases for new plates lol.  I get to all this window shopping & gush about all the pretties out there and get it out of my system.  Honestly too when I see all these plates out there it makes my heart happy.  No matter how long I've been stamping I still continue to love the craft and collect the plates & products.  I'm grateful that I've never lost the passion for it & that it offers me a source of joy even when I'm feeling down and rough.  That said I always have my eye peeled for what MoYou London is producing.  I've been collecting their plates en masse since the brand launched which is why I have plates from them that aren't even made anymore.  Not only are their plates innovative, but they continue to produce images that make my little stamping heart skip with lust!

"Summa summa summa time let's just sit back and unwind summa summa time."  Lol as soon as I saw the name of the collection that song came to mind.  Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince killing it 90's style.  Anyway this plate is awesome!  It has a really modern & fresh take on summer imagery.  I love the intermix of basic shapes like triangles and circles mixed in with graphic details like dots & dashes and background patterns.  Its a beautiful plate!

Ah and I forgot to mention the typography.  Honestly this plate is really well done.  Because my nails are shorter right now either are perfect for me and I'd probably get both because my nails have been breaking more frequently due to my over all health stus.

I love the florals mixed with linear abstracts here.  I see a few motifs which feature art deco like elements and then this plate continues to have the inclusion of smaller geometrics that would create such a fun nail art. I do love most of the elements here with a few exceptions I'll explain on the XL version below.  Oh and I forgot to mention for some reason these plates are "limited edition" and as such priced at 1 GBP higher than the regular MYL plates.  I don't quite understand that and to me it appears to be a gimmick to make more money on what honestly is just a regular release of plates.  Even though they are beautiful I don't see the justification for pricing them at a higher cost.  They aren't any larger than regular plates and they don't feature more images than other plates historically.  Am I being petty about this? What do you think?

Regarding the image exception I mentioned above - I'm not really a fan of the zebra head and full zebra pattern included here in the bottom row.  That pattern has been on a set of older Pro plates so I feel that really shouldn't have been included on this XL version of the plate.  Its a small complaint, but when you're charging more per plate and stating they are limited edition I do feel everything should be absolutely unique.
This one is just gorgeous!  Absolutely unique, tribal, and floral with Moari elements like faces seen in the lower elements of the plate.  Stunning!

MYL finally got on the Collab bandwagon!  I wondered if they were ever going to do this and eventually they did.  The first blogger they chose is Anastasia from Let's Nail Moscow who is a massive nail art blogger on Instagram and Youtube.  She's definitely a creative powerhouse and creates some beautiful nail art!

This is Anastasia from Let's Nail Moscow.  Isn't she cute? Although I have no idea why her eyes are closed in this promo pic

Gorgeous! It would be an utter dream come true to collaborate and design plates with MoYou London. Of course I suspect they will only be choosing larger bloggers with massive followings to collab with but still I'm sure Anastasia must be over the moon to have collabed with them!  What do you think?  Btw this plate has sold out several times on the MYL website so it seems this collab has been extremely successful.

And more new releases this time from the Henna Collection which I've sort of had mixed feelings about.  It feels like sometimes its hard to pull distinctions from this collection vs the Arabesque Collection in terms of the thematic elements of these plates.  Because of that I've been fairly selective in making purchases across both collections as they feel fairly similar.  I find the plate above fairly unique because of the solo breakout elements and smaller details so I'd definitely go for it.  This one goes on the wishlist!

The stylized animals makes this plate unique and beautiful.  Its included with some more traditional henna elements that I have seen across this collection.  Another wishlistable plate!

The Hipster Collection releases have been super cute lately if a bit derivative.  Lol sorry it has to be said.  How many unicorn plates have been released now across several brands?  I can think of at least 7 off the top of my head.   The little jewel images have also been floating around several collections.  Regardless these images are sweet and cute and will likely sell well since the craze doesn't seem to be dying down.

This plate seems to be a bit more celestial and includes crystal images which seem popular of late.  Its an adorable plate, but I'm just not sure how necessary it is.  I'll put it on the back burner of my "Plates to Consider" list.  Lovely but not an absolute must.  What do you think? Are you guys tired of the unicorn craze yet?

These plates are available currently on the MoYou London website and retail for 5.99GBP except for the Summer Vibes Collection which retails for 6.99 GBP currently.  Thanks so much for reading, happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

This post contains items purchased by me/ sent for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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