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Hot Off The Stamping Press: BBF Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hiya stamp champs,
Nothing To Disclouse

Lord its taking me so long to do EVERYTHING these days.  If you read my "Updates" post you'd know I've been going through a lot these days which has had a profoundly bad effect on my life including that I am now in a wheelchair with a lot of severe pain.  I can't being to express how frustrating its been since doing anything these days not only takes forever, but can be pretty tough so I haven't been able to bust out the posts the way I want to.  I'm also super behind on releases so I'm not sure when some of these plates I'll be posting actually truly released BUT since this is one of my favorite nail companies and I was investigating their website I found all these beautiful new plates which I have not posted to my blog so I'll be sharing the newest releases from BBF Nail Art & Cris with you today!

I know at least plates 91-101 were released on July 10th.  The last time I posted I was up to plate 84 so I"ll show you those and pick up from the new releases.  Its a travesty I haven't posted on this brand in so long since I adore Cris' creations.  In any case let's go!

Trolls!  As a 90's kid I totally dig this even though I know there was a movie released recently.  I didn't get to see it for so me this has overtones of my childhoood, but I wonder if others will like it from seeing the more recent release?  I just remember thinking the Trolls & I have a lot  in common when it comes to hair. I could never really comb the hair on my troll doll when I was little because it was so thick & bushy and now as I recall I remember my mom teasing me for that too!  Lol

It's Rick & Morty forever,  one million times Rick & Morty, Rick & Morty through the ages, etc etc!  If you only watched the first episode you would get that joke.  Here's where my love of adult comedy comes in because lord knows this show is not appropriate in the slightest for young children but it is so bloody brilliant!  Hell Cris even has "evil Morty" here and Ricks old catch phrase.   Gosh I need this freaking plate!

My Little Pony - another childhood reference and classic!   I also just realized this is another cartoon from my childhood that was recently redone.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this has a whole new cartoon that runs for kids currently or was recently running.  Its like no one can think of any original ideas in TV & film & so they just keep recycling shows, movies, & concepts all over again.  Its really a bit disappointing, but if it results in plates like these I'll take it as this plate is absolutely sweet!

I still didn't know the imagery associated with this but thanks to Alice W.  I now know this is Peppa Pig.   I'm not familiar with that character at all so I have to go back and do some research.   The characters are really adorably drawn & appear kind of fresh for something that for all intents and purposes looks like line drawings lol!  I find the stubbly pig? particularly appealing!

Minions & Despicable Me.  Finally there is a plate that is well done with these little guys and I'm so excited to see it!  There have been other plates with the minions characters on them but were not that great.  The sizes were off or there would be one solo image that was improperly etched from several of the generic Chinese factory plates & one brand that shall not be named on my blog due to bad business practices.   So I have been wondering when was their moment coming.  I will tell you this is something Cris has ALWAYS done well.  She always manages to create plates that hit a niche where customers have been dying for.  The only drawback to these plates is that they are themed and therefore one must be creating a definitive "look" when using.

OMG I am dead dead dead!  Disney done chibi style.  Chibi's people chibi's!! I need you to come with me on the level of excitement I have for how adorable this is right now.  Look at goofy really!  Ugh I NEED this plate y'all!  Tigger and a chibi Aristocat & Pooh.  How appropriate with the new live action Winnie the Pooh movie releasing.  Ugh my heart honestly can't handle the cuteness overload I'm currently experiencing!

Duck Tales. I can not think of this show without the catchy theme song sounding in my head.  Now we are really reaching back into my childhood.  I remember watching this religiously on Saturday mornings at my grandmothers house.  This was really one of the only times we were allowed to watch tv for hours consecutively but this was always one of my faves.  I'm so happy to see this plate come to life - Huey, Dewy, Lewy, & good ole Scrooge McDuck along with Daisy and Donald.  I love it!

The Incredibles.  It took Disney 14 freaking years to create a follow up sequel to what was a blockbuster hit in animated features and I really don't understand why.  Just this year we got the sequel and it was really really good!  If you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend especially if you've got little ones to take along.  In any case this plate is everything I could have wanted in an Incredibles plate for the first feature.  Kudos Cris on making it come to life!

I know I should recognize this imagery & its right on the tip of my tongue but for whatever reason its eluding me currently.  I hate when that happens.  Thanks Fireweaver for reminding me this is Inside Out!  Gah yes this was such a super cute movie!

Ohhhhh child!!!! Oh child oh child oh child.  Lord have mercy!  Finally finally finally Lion King stamping plates! Finally adorable images featuring our favorite animated cub & warthog.  The legendary chillax song, Mufasa, ugh she even included that cute image where Simba sticks his head in a bush to make a pretend mane.  Why y'all? Why?  My wallet gave 1000 screams.  This release is quite literally jammed FULL of epic!

I haven't really seen plates done like this before where the images are sort of their own little tableu but I really like it! Each little rectangle is a focused memorable scene.  I really would love to get my hands of these plates.  These last two ones are so special & well done I'm truly impressed and inspired.

Pochantas.  This was one of of the last movies I saw that felt like they released when I was still a little kid.  I remember being so desperate to see this in theaters & singing all the songs.  I even had a recorder to play colors of the wind.  It came in a little package with the book & recorder and I'd go around practicing and torturing my family.  LOLOLOL.  The messaging of this movie is ALL kinds of f-ed up especially if you know the historical reference particularly well BUT I loved this movie and therefore I love the plate.  I know for a fact its what made me love pugs so much today that its my dream dog.

Tangled!  Ah the reimagined classic of Rapunzel.  Did you know that was actually the title of the movie before Disney changed in to Tangled to market it as a more gender neutral movie?  Lol the things these companies do for a buck.  I only wish this plate had the classic image with Rapunzel's hair wrapped all around her prince, but it may have been too difficult an image to render.   Still what a classic plate!

The Princess & The Frog.  One of the only Disney movies that feature of African American lead role.  I was not young enough to "grow up" with this one around but it made me happy to see it when it came out.  Classic tale with a legendary & kind princess and a cute cast of characters.  Another keeper for sure!  Are you guys OD'ing on all the Disney?  I'm literally shocked at how many classics Cris packed into this release.

The Little Prince. I never read these books as a child but discovered them as an adult.  Random.  This is utterly classic & the images are dead on with the books.  If you've never read them then you definitely should because they are lovely.  This plate makes me want to read them all over again particularly for the beautiful illustrations!

Oh Christopher Robin.  Lol that's the new live action Winnie The Pooh movie coming out.  I've seen the previews and I must say it looks AMAZING!  The rendering they did for pooh is fantastic and whats clear is that those of us who grew up with this amazing bear & his friends will never ever be able to let the nostalgia of these stories & movies go.  I love this plate because I love these stories & films.  Nuff said...

Coco.  I will admit I don't know as much about this movie.  I believe it just released on Netflix's and so I will have to finally check it out and see what it's all about other than what I superficially know which is something about a family curse and the ability to play music.    This plate therefore is a homage to all the wonders that take place.  Even though I didn't see the movie I do see several images from the preview which are dead on.  I'm sure fans of this flick will like this plate a lot given the detailing she even put into the masks & more!

Finally the last plate is a mini featuring Ferdinand the Bull.  I loved this story as a child - a little bull who was so different from the rest.  Calm, quiet, and doing his own thing.  It made I, who as a child often felt so very different from my peers & isolated, feel like its ok to be different.  I was so happy when this was turned into a movie a la' Disney style and so of course I love this plate!

So what do you think? This was sort of a massive release huh?  And more to the point the plates released were unbelievable!  I mean if Cris usually sends out some epic shit this release was standout for being knockout after knockout.  These plates retail for $9 USD, minis for $5 USD, and can be found on the Loja BBF Nail Art website.  Thanks for reading along, happy hunting and I'll see you

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