Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stained Glass Moroccan Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey lacquer ladies,
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I've been wanting to do another "watercolor style" mani for a while now.  They do require quite a bit of work but are utterly worth it in terms of how pretty and diffused a wash of color can look over the nail plate.  I haven't really done one of these since I did my Starbucks inspired nails.   This time I decided to keep the colors fairly simple and not do a ton of layering of colors but I love how this looked so simple and pretty with just a hint of sparkle at the high points.  I'd actually been playing with the Moroccan plate from UberChic Beauty for a while and created one other sort of crystalline holo look that I will share as well.  I think I'm slowly getting my mojo back even if my body isn't in full cooperation.

So this turned out so soft don't you think?  I really love using watercolor paints in my nail art even though their use does make things a little labor intensive. I asked on my video as well but anyone who wants to see a dedicated how-to on watercolor nails & the various techniques and methods on how to create them let me know in the comments or DM me & I can put that together!

📌Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat: http://goo.gl/IPBks5 or https://goo.gl/WTa6cc (Lot of 3)
📌Elite 99 No Wipe Gel Topcoat: https://goo.gl/3rxS6U or OneDor https://goo.gl/ZZe8uG
📌 Latex Free Nail Guards:  https://goo.gl/LNtYHT (ebay) or https://goo.gl/KrdqMz (amazon)
📌UNT Peel Off Basecoat: https://goo.gl/3PcaVj
📌 Clean Up Brush Pure #4 - https://amzn.to/2yefwCR (amazon prime via whats up nails)
📌UberChic Beauty Aquarius Powder (discontinued). Alternative Pretty Diva 7 Set Pearl Mirror Powder https://amzn.to/2MDP5wl OR Born Pretty Store 9 Box Set Mirror Powders https://amzn.to/2OSUE7r
📌Essie Cashmere Collection All About Nudes (old).  Alternative Essie Sand Tropez - https://amzn.to/2BwWn0E
📌China Glaze Fairy Dust - https://amzn.to/2PrHlw8
📌Reeves Watercolor Paints (set of 24) - https://amzn.to/2nTbKGX
📌Windsor Newton Kolinsky Brush Size 0 - https://amzn.to/2nV1m1v
📌UberChic Beauty Moroccan Beauty - https://goo.gl/aQcMBW
📌UberChic Beauty XL Clear Stamper with holder - https://goo.gl/2ajxjg
📌Mundo de Unas Lavender 49 - http://www.mundodeunas.com
📌 SuperChic Lacquer Stain Blocker - https://goo.gl/8y1u1q

Isn't this so soft? Maybe too soft considering we are still in summer but whatever.  The school year is starting again for some of us and time is moving forward so bright pops of neons that typically characterize my summer looks aren't necessarily necessary lol.  If you know what I mean.

The Moroccan Beauty plate is fun it has a lot of abstract & motif designs.  There are plenty full sized images for quick and simple stamping that can be jazzed up even more with powders or specialized polishes think magnetics ;)!

I love this plate!

Also finally my nails are starting to grow out a bit more so I can rock some of the longer nail patterns.  Yay for that since I do prefer my nails to have a bit more length than they have had of late.

So what do you think?  Note I'm breaking out the UC Clear Stamper again.  It really is one of my favorite stampers and compared to any other I own it gives me the best view of my nails when I'm lining up images.  Its like i forget it and then when I break it out again I'm like oh yeah that's why I used to use this one all the time lol.  In any case I hope you all liked this one.  Its very different from my last look & definitely a bit more feminine.  I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me & sending positive energy my way.  Definitely know that its appreciated & that I am so grateful for that because at times I do feel so isolated by my illness & afraid for what the future may bring, but I'm trying my best to hang on and keep moving forward!  Thanks so much for reading & I'll see you next post!

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