Sunday, September 11, 2011

3D Garden Flower/Homecoming Nails

Ugh I know I'm not good at naming these things, but I love creating them!  Recently, I've felt a burning in my soul a lust if you will..for fimo.  Yup those little darling pieces of polymer clay have been keeping me up at night hovering around my nail art cubby in desperation.  What should I do what should I do?  I want to use fimo!  I want to!  I want to!  Um so I are the results below. Talk about age-inappropriate regression (hangs head in shame).

Orly's Love Each Other (perfect iridescent shimmer)

There has been no sun only overcast grey sky's.

But I gamely braved the rain to snag these shots!

Well even though I regressed in order to create this look I loved the results so much that I feel that it's worth it.  If you want to get this look check out my tutorial below.  All the products I used are listed in the video as well as the info box.

Ah now I want to start doing some Halloween stuff!  What do you guys think - too early?

Note to self:  Who am I talking to here? I have no subbies and no comments - lol.  Well whatever I'm speaking to my guests :)

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