Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Local Sales + Mini Drug Store Haul

I did a little hunting and resulted in no success for the items that I wanted.  I was seeking the Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers polishes in dark purple and black glitter, but alas after visiting four different stores I ran out of both patience and time.  Instead I found some other polishes and products on sale and some I just wanted to check out.  If you have a CVS near you I suggest stopping by since they have the Sally Hansen polishes BOGO 50% off as well as the decal nail strips for the same deal.  Rite Aid has the new Sinful Color stripers for $1.99 as well as the new Jessie's Girl Julie G. collection.  I was actually pretty disappointed in this collection though.  I love Julie G and I'm a subber to her YT channel but these colors, at least for me, were a far cry from inventive or novel (ouch).  That said the colors are beautiful and while they may not be the newest shades around they are definitely worth checking out!  I only ended up picking out one since I can't resist melon colored polishes.  I also snuck in a recently arrived eBay OPI purchase since it came the same day.

From L to R: Sally Hansen Gunmetal & Crushed

L to R: Jessie's Girl Party Dress, Sinful Colors Stripers in What
A Night,  No More, Be My Valentine, & Sour Apple

The aforementioned + E-bay purchase: O.P.I. Zombody To Love

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