Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A few of my recent nail art designs...

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog! I'm  kicking off the start with a few pictures of my past nail art designs and tutorials.  I created this blog mainly because I will be using a lot of non-konad and non-bundle monster stamping templates in the near future and while I won't always be posting up Youtube tutorials on my channel I thought it might be helpful if I posted up pictures and the products used on another site.  Plus, I won't necessarily always film all of my nail art designs, hauls, swatches, etc so this will help me keep up with things!  In any event here's just a couple of past designs and links to the relevant YT tutorials.

Underwater/Sea Wave Monsticure

A little sun...

Sunbursts/Flower Monsticure 

All the products used etc can be found in the info box beneath each video on YT so feel free to check them out and thanks for reading!  Also if you're interested in seeing more of the designs I've done feel free to swing by my nail art channel on YT here at LLDBHB (Lacquer Lockdown). My next post will be some newer tutorials/designs plus some awesome haulage!  Toodles :)

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    1. Oh thanks hun! Lol when I look at those I think wow that was such a long time ago look how short my nails were!


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