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Plates I Love!: VIvid Lacquer Interview


Do you remember when I first posted about Vivid Lacquer plates?  It feels like it was eons ago.  In actuality it was 2 summers ago, and I was so excited I posted a video on my Youtube channel.  I wanted these plates so desperately and today very little has changed.  Except the brand has gotten bigger, Anni if anything has gotten sweeter, and her plates well...they are more innovative and fabulous than ever!  When I first created my Plates I Love! feature I knew beyond a doubt that Vivid Lacquer plates would have to be included in the line up and so here we are today.  My second feature and another awesome interview featuring a fabulous brand!  So let's get started with the interview...

When did you become interested in nail art and what led you to stamping nail art in particular?

I first started playing with nail polish in July of 2011. For the first time in my life I had successfully stopped biting my nails, and from there it was a quick jump into nail art.  For stamping in particular - I found that I just wasn't great at traditional nail art. I'm much better at graphic design and sketching. So, I began looking into stamping. I fell in love with a leopard print design and managed my first real nail art that way, and I was an instant addict.

How did you decide to launch your own brand of stamping plates? 

At the time I started stamping, very few options were available for stamping plates and stamping polish. I surmised that I might be able to use vector art, which I was experienced with, to create my own. With the support of a lot of friends I decided to take the leap and see what happened!

Pause: Vector art or graphics  are based on  paths or strokes which lead through locations called control points. Each of these points has a definite position on the x and y axes of the work plane. Each point includes the location and direction of that point in space and can be assigned a color, a shape, a thickness and also a fill.  You can read more about vectors here.

When you are creating your plates what inspires you? 

I get a lot of suggestions from customers, and sometimes I will make an entire plate theme based off of that idea. Other times I see neat patterns in real life or in photographs and wonder what kind of a stamp I could make with them - ideas are everywhere! I also have a lot of fun sketching random things to see what I come up with.

Are you creating for your fans, yourself, or for someone else in particular? 

I create primarily for my fans, but also for myself. I really enjoy seeing manicures done using my plates, particularly when the artist says that the mani has helped to cheer them up or that they particularly enjoy the process. I love that something as simple as nail art can have such a large effect on people, and it's a joy to share that with my customers.

What big plans or crazy ideas do you have for the future? 

I frequently say that I wish there were more hours in the day - I feel like I have more ideas than I have time. I'm planning more ambitious stamps, more stamping polish, and expanding the Vivid Lacquer line into more accessories.

Whats YOUR favorite brand/creator of nail art plates? 

It's so hard to choose! I have a wide range in my stash - I really go for unusual, flexible designs. There's so many talented creators out there now that it's easy to find new pieces for my collection.

If you could change one thing about the nail art scene what would it be? 

I'd like to remove the negativity. My favorite part of the nail polish / nail art world is the camaraderie that can occur, and the simple pleasure of sharing a slightly unusual hobby with like-minded people. I think that happiness is sometimes lost or forgotten.

Anything else you want to share with your fans?

 I sincerely thank every one of you for your support over the last 18 months.

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Ugh are you as sad as I am that this interview is over?  Isn't Anni such a cool character?  Yeah I know I spend most of these interviews fangirling, but it's my blog and I'll fangirl if I want too.  So when I initially asked for Anni to do this interview I thought to myself I can't wait to see what the Vivid Lacquer brand comes up with next!  Of course I was watching eagerly, and so it thrilled me when I found out that she was releasing a entire new set of plates today at 7PM PST that's 10PM EST.  You can read my original post to take a look at all the new plates that will be releasing here.

There are two more plates in the bundle that will be releasing today. Here's the second to the last one scheduled for release. 

A gorgeous plate of lace, corsets, and keys!  The last plate preview will release shortly before the pre-sale so stalk along with me.  Set your phasers to stun and happy stamping my friends! Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you next post...

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