Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Zodiac Nail Art Stamping Plate Expansion (Chinese Zodiac Edition)

Welcome back stamperistas,

Ohhh double post today ;)  Lol really I just wanted to catch up on the Bundle Monster plate release but you know Wednesdays are generally devoted to the weekly MoYou London release ;)  The reason you didn't see one last week is because there were no plates to annouce only the release of a scraper for each collection which while cute probably wouldn't have been a really exciting post lol. However this week MoYou rose to the occasion in a manner that just made me smile from ear to ear. Because I was contemplating what looks I should pull out for the Chinese New Year Moyou kindly chose to answer my thoughts ;)

Ratsssssss! Lol there's probably so many people hating on you when they fall into this sign under the Chinese zodiac, but boy are you clever, resourceful, and the ultimate survivor!  I actuallly think the mice they put on this plate are cute. Yes i said mice because rats are usually bigger and don't look this sweet.  I used to work in a mouse and rat colony when I was doing research.  I would wear this metal glove so when the rats bit me it didn't break skin.  This plate is cute, but I wanted the hanfu to have a little more detailing on it.

Ox.  Wild man!  This plate is probably one of the most if not the most elegant plate in the entire collection.  Everything from the flowers, to the oxen, to the girl in the upper right are executed flawlessly!  Well done MoYou...

Ohhh I like this one a LOT.  The hanfu is on point though I wish they didn't put tiger print in it.   However the top right images and the one in the lower middle left are gorgeous!

Scamper you little animals of prey! Lol.  Oh rabbits such timid and sweet creatures.  I owned two when I was a little kid and they were great pets.  This plate for me at least seems to make them look a little bit creepy looking I think mainly because of the eyes. However my real question is where is the lettuce?

And the mighty dragon makes his appearance.  Fierce and fiery - this plate is smoking!  Can you tell that someone who designed these plates seemed a bit more passionate about this particular sign? Lol I mean the detailing on this one alone is a bit shocking when you compare it with all the others.  There is very little vacant space on this plate.  It also happens to be gorgeous!

Hiss hiss you little sneaky snakes lol.  I love this plate! The abstracts in the hanfu here are crazy cool. Btw in case you were wondering what a hanfu is its the equivalent to say the Japanese kimono.  

So a couple things. First the Chinese New Year falls on the 18th of February so MoYou London is running a bit late in their timing for the release if you want to get some nail art done.  The plus however is this is a 2 week holiday so you can get it in.  The second is if you know your Chinese Zodiac well you know we still have at least another 6 plates coming - monkey, horse, etc.  These plates will be available Friday on the MoYou London website for 4.99 GBP.   In this case with the holiday approaching if there is a particular plate you want I'd just get it because you may not be able to do so for a while after they are sold out.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...


  1. Gah i'm a rooster so my plate isnt there yet :(
    These plates are really cute though.


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