Friday, February 27, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Suki Collection Expansion and St Patrick's Day Special Edition Plate!

Hey stamp champs,

Running a bit behind on my weekly MoYou London post but here it is YASSS the Suki Collection is finally finally expanding!  How I have waited with baited breath and arms akimbo for this very moment! Fly to me my sweetest loves!  Ahem pardon my plate rant but you know lol a girl just has the things she loves right? Lol so let's take a look....

Haaaay gheisha girl how you doing? Wink wink ;) This kimono is on fire and I love this combination of patterns and motifs!  And did we see that little baby panda in the corner? Gah *dies of the agony of soul clenching affection* That middle butterfly is also perfection! Enough so that I'm not going to say I'm tired of flowers and butterflies too resentfully, but seriously I am kinda tired of flowers a butterflies however they way they are laid out here slayed me.

Did I mention something about flowers and butterflies?  I think I did.  If it weren't for the fan and bridge motifs this plate would be a hard pass for me.  I have similar clouds on some Hehe plates that I own and frankly I am really starting to get "garden fatigue".  Its a syndrome characterized by extreme exhaustion and annoyance at the presence of flowers and butterflies and other garden type images on like every landscape plate releasing these days.  Please at least make the flowers novel and unlike any others we've seen!  I'll give MYL some kudos here for that.

 Chibi darumas! Lucky cats, the Japanese ginko leaves and maple leaves, and chibi rabbits.  Kawaii kawaii! Why do I know about these leaves? Science baby science ;)

And here comes the festive St. Patrick's Day plate edition that I know many of you have been dying for.....

Your green beer or mine? Your claddagh ring indicates your single? I'm down.  Your holiday is an excuse for people to drink to excess and make some bad decisions? Yeah I'm do... No wait I'm not down please don't come to the hospital if that's the case.  Stay home and hug your green beer tight lol. So thoughts my stamperistas? Love it, hate it, or just a pass?  Let me know! As usual these plates will retail for 4.99GBP and will be available on the MoYou London website Friday morning.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....

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