Sunday, February 8, 2015

Glazed Spring Flowers and Swirls UberChic Beauty Nail Art

Ready for the spring lacqueritas?

Lol yeah not quite, but I'm looking forward to the warm up!  In that spirit I got this little mani going today.  The truth is I wish I could say - "Oh I wanted to create some spring seasonal nail art" when in fact I just really love the combination of nude and lavender.  Plus I really wanted to take my new UberChic Beauty plates out for a test drive since I just reviewed them yesterday.  You can take a look at that review here if you haven't seen it already. Now let's take a look at this nail art ;)

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Essie Urban Jungle and China Glaze Tart-y For The Party
Glaze: UberChic Magic Dust in Mad Hatter
Leadlight polishes: OPI Don't Violet Me Down, Be Magentele With Me, and Sally Hansen Grape Jelly 
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Black (2)
Stamping plate: UberChic UB 1-03
Accent:  Gold bullion beads

Lacquer Lockdown - nail art stamping blog, UberChic Beauty, UC 1-03, gradient nail art, UberChic Magic Dust, Mad Hatter Magic Dust, flowers, floral nail art, abstract nail art, China Glaze Tart-y For The Party, Essie Urban Jungle, nail art stamping, nail art, diy nail art, cute,

Ok yeah this is sweet right? Very delicate and soft.  Softer even than I imagined in turning out despite using a black stamping polish over the gradient.  Initially I thought of using another color but could not find one that contrasted well enough with the polishes I used for leadlighting.  Speaking of I cannot tell you how much I truly dislike these Sheer Tints from OPI!  They turn into a thick stringy mess the less than 20 seconds outside of the bottle.  Gah! How am I supposed to work like that?  So thick!  That's why initially I ended up making my own which I still prefer, but I didn't have a purple that was in the correct color way.  Sigh....let's talk about something that actually worked....

The Magic Dust from UberChic is seriously awesome!  I love the effect of this stuff though its not what I imagined.  I thought it was like a duochrome powder, but its more like I color shifting shimmer powder.  I used a regular old topcoat to create a glaze that you can see shimmering even beneath the leadlighting.  Even though I only used a tiny bit I had a lot left over so if you have this, which you should if you preordered, remember a little bit goes a long way!

Normally I will not create nail art for a brand of plates before I post a review, but I could not stand it any longer staring at this flower.  The flower drove me to do this. Even though I posted the review yesterday for those that follow me on Instagram you may have gotten a side peek of this already.  As a bonus I also decided to create a little tutorial for this nail art as well.  You can watch it below ;).

So what do you think? Sigh...I love you so much right now Brittany! UberChic Beauty plates and magic dust are available on the UberChic website now.  I hope to see a reddish tinted magic dust in the future cause jeez the ones I have are just gorgeous!  PS have you guys noticed a change in my photography recently? What do you think? I'm still making some adjustments until I get it all sorted out, but I'm interested to see what my readers think.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....


  1. Great video!

    I now have the answer to my question regarding how the images fit your nails. Your nail beds are long so I assumed they would be similar to mine but mine are a bit longer even though you currently have more free edge. That explains why the images don't fit me.

  2. I can feel Spring in the air :) I love your mani, it is soooo delicate and just perfect!

  3. Thanka. Honestly I'm really not sure videos can also be misleading about the length of the nail for one thing because I always use marshmallow stampers and they tend to stretch and curve my images slightly and I can do this with more deliberation and also get a longer stamp. If you wanted to know for certain that the plates worked for you the best way would have been to take the measurements of the images from the website and measure your own nails first. I do believe Uberchic has a return policy in place as well if you aren't happy with your purchase :/

  4. Lol right? Thank you darling I loved these a lot!

  5. So first thanks for following I'm always so excited for new stampers and thanks for your kind words! Yes I love comments and questions because not only does it help me to develop content but it helps me to continue to think about the challenges faced by new stampers such as the one you are referring to now. Second - do you have all the necessary supplies to stamp i.e. reliable good stampers, polishes, scraper etc? If you do then that means you can spend most of your budget on plates. I actually have the Hehe and Q-girl plates. I don't have the Y plates yet but all of them I purchased from Joanne's Fashion Shop on AE via GB. The quality from THAT SHOP ONLY is excellent because she is the original designer and manufacturer of those plates. Everyone else is ripping her off. I love her designs she has a lot of variety but not necessarily HK, Disney, etc. Since I have answered your question about quality maybe you should be asking yourself about QUANTITY. Personally when I started off stamping their was only Konad. I had around 10 plates because they were so expensive and a few polishes. I learned to reuse the designs over and over in different ways with different techniques because I really didn't have much of a choice. Newbies today have LOTS of choice almost too much but what you should really be asking yourself is what do you really want to own in your collection that you will use a lot of? Then go from there. Personally if I were a new stamper I would want to have all my supplies a good set with lots of variety and then maybe one or two special plates that won't get as much use but that I will be really happy I bought for unique purposes. You might also want to consider the GogoOnly plates or a Bundle Monster set since these have well over 50 images each and tend to be the least expensive of the sets I know. GogoOnly are only 12.99 + shipping which can be free if you qualify for the supersaver or have Amazon Prime. Bundle Monster tends to be less than $18 unlike pueen and some other companies which is why I'm recommending them. I will try to get up a review of the Hehe and Qgirl plates soon its on my to-do list but they really are great if you go from the supplier I mentioned otherwise don't bother. Hope this answered your questions somewhat :)

  6. Tks so much for the amazing super complete reply :)
    I have Konad and the Moyou London squish stamper, and I am waiting for a creative stamper to arrive; I use old credit cards to scrape and I have 5 Konad stamping polishes and some other regular polishes that works for stamping, so I think I am good with stamping supplies for now :)
    Tks a lot for the tip about Joanna store in AE, the GB I was considering don't involve her; there is another GB planned with her but her prices are about 2-3x higher then the other sellers so I was in doubt about it because the plates pics all look the same but now I know if I decide to get hehe/Qgirl I should go with her. I am actually more interested in QA, KD and CF plates that she also sells; they have HK, Snoppy, Mickey, Pooh, and I am kind of into cute cartoons right now... Do you think that those are also going to have a great quality if I got then from her?
    I live in Canada but I will be traveling to US in a couple of weeks and will definitely get those GogoOnly plates (they don't ship to Canada). Bundle monster does have great prices, I was in doubt about then because I have seen some bad reviews, that their plates are kind of hit or miss, I am glad to know you like then :)
    You really have a point making me ask myself about quantity, I like a lot of plates I see and I feel overwhelmed wanting to get everything but I do have to try to predict what I am going to use more before buying then. Tks again! You were truly very helpful!


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