Thursday, February 26, 2015

10.1 Perfect Polish St Patricks Day Limited Edition Trio Swatches and Nail Art

Hey stamp champs,

Today I have some swatches and nail art for you from 10.1 Perfect Polish for their St. Patricks Day Trio. You know its never too early to start thinking about binge drinking on green beer and trying to sort out whatever percentage of Irish roots you may or may not actually have.  Lol.  In any case last year around this time I went pretty crazy for the holiday art, but this year I tried keep things either glam or very wearable.  You may noticed my nail shape changed, but its only temporary since I had some bad breaks and decided to do a trial run of a new nail shape using tips.  Jury is still out but let's take a look at all the pretty greens and golds....

Not Just For Fools

Medium toned gold flakie in golden brown sheer base.  So flakies aren't my strong suit because they tend to take a lot of work to apply or they would if I hadn't realized a strategy for coping with this type of polish a little bit ago.  If you want even coverage and you're working with a flakie the best bet is to apply it with a cosmetic sponge.  I did that here - applying 2 coats on a sponge over Orly Glitz and Glamour.  I ended up with perfect opacity and very easy application!  The flakes were somewhat topcoat hungry though and required 2-3 coats of my regular topcoat before settling down to a nice smooth layer.  The final effect was pretty brilliant and blingy.

Basecoat/Topcoat: Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel and Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Basecolor: Orly Gold
Mundo de Unas Black (#1) and Forest Green (#37)
Marianne Nails MN25
Accents:  various 2-4mm studs and rhinestones

Topper O' The Morning

Mini matte kelly green circular glitter in a clear green tinged base.  This one was tough for me because the formulation made it quite difficult to get even coats even using the sponge method.  I swatched it alone and as a jelly sandwich glitter topper.  I would not recommend using this one as anything but a topper since it was pretty uncooperative when worn alone.  It took 3+ "coats" using the sponge method to reach opacity alone and there were still bald patches despite my best efforts.  This glitter also seems to be very topcoat hungry requiring 2 thick coats before it would smooth down. Worn in a jelly sandwich I used the dab method and liked the results a lot better.

Basecoat/Topcoat: Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel and Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Jelly sandwich:  Jolie Polish White Crelly
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Forest Green (#37)
Stamping plate: Uberchic UC-01
Accents: 2mm black metal studs from Pueen Cosmetics

This nail art is all about placement - one of the most basic and difficult skills to master as as stamper. Every single downward pointing chevron was placed square in the middle of each of my nails.  I keep the nail art fairly simple but I can assure you its no easy task to line up images in a centered manner like this.  However after a while I've developed a bit of a practiced eye and an aim that helped out.  I love the clean simplicity of how this one turned out.

Legend Of The Leprechaun

Medium spring toned green subtle linear holographic.  Opaque in 2-3 coats depending on thickness of application.  Pictured here in 3 coats with topcoat. So I created some fairly non-traditional nail art for the coming holiday, but guess what? I really prefer when a polish can pull double duty as something made for a holiday and then you can wear it again for day to day nail art ;) Call me practical like that lol...

Indirect Light (Lightbox)

Direct Light (Lightbox)

Basecoat/Topcoat: Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Forest Green (#37)
Stamping plate: Cici & Sisi 12
Accents: 2mm pearl studs from Ebay & floral decals

So what do you think? Any favorites of the bunch? The St Patrick's Day holiday polishes are already available on the 10.1 Perfect Polish website and will be up for grabs until the 17th of March as limited editions for the holiday.  These polishes retail for $8 USD + shipping.  You can find more swatches and info about 10.1 polishes on Instagram as well.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....

These products were sent to me for honest review.  For more information please see my Disclosures Policy.

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