Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Cici & Sisi Jumbo Collection 6 Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hola stamp champs,

Today I've got some new plates from Cici & Sisi to share from their latest collection.  Please don't expect my usual gushing enthusiasm since this company tends to leave my mouth feeling a little dry. I'll leave that comment to your interpretation and get started on showing you the goods ;) 

Here we go.....

This thought enters my head - why can't these plate makers make every single image of every single plate this large so that their potential customers can actually see what the you know what they are actually buying?  Sorry I'm in a foul mood and when I saw this was yet another collection of teeny tiny images save for 2 plates it made me super annoyed.  Btw about the plate - pretty but utterly uninspired.  Though I'd be remiss if I didn't say I love the little image of the flower in the pot and the second row from the bottom second from the left.  That's about it.
This plate literally made me laugh out loud.  Like seriously what were they going for here?  There is so much going on the frogs, cacti, skeletons, mustaches, etc.  None of it is cohesive and none of it is all that original so I'm not sure exactly what to think here.  Mad props for the cacti though and the kissing kids couple they are cute!

And here's the part where we get the rest tiny images that you can't see everything entirely clearly. I'll tell you a little secret though.  While I often complain about the fact that companies do this I can see anything I want as large as I want since I have a Mac.  I can just keep zooming till I see everything clearly and scroll.  I'm not sure if you can do that with PCs but just thought I'd share that little hot tip. Now here's what I have to say about release 5 as a whole.  In its entirely I see only 2 plates worth owning - the one with the owl which is one of the most original owl images I've ever seen ANYWHERE plus I need that zebra and the one with maybe the potted plant and swirls.  The rest is a bunch of random and jumbled images that are dupes from so many other plates its almost sad to see it.  I begin to question the competency of some of these companies :/
Mockup - pretty but so obviously the same old jazz we've seen before from Pueen who honestly IMO makes better plates with larger images.  The Cici & Sisi ones tend to be a bit unforgiving on the larger nail crowd which is why I don't use my plates that often.  Now I'm gonna rant for one minute. Maybe it's just me but I feel the market right now for stamping is super saturated.  There are so many different brands of plates and kinds of plates and stamping products coming out each year it's hard to keep up with it all.  Despite that there are some brands that take their time and ensure we get images and plates that are utterly unique - Fab Ur Nails, BBF, and Messy Mansion come immediately to mind though it is mostly the indies that really focus on their products before sending them out.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish some of these makers would slow down a bit and let the grass grow.  Create images we could never have imagined and blow us away!  What's the rush?  After all the more a company bores me the more likely I am to be unimpressed by their next set of offerings. And I've said it here before the first rule of Lacquer Lockdown is don't bore me or I will leave you and never come back.  That seems to be holding true for me thus far.  Anyhoo if you are interested in purchasing this little collection it retails for the usual $29.99 USD + shipping which is always hella expensive on the Cici & Sisi website which is the only course of its availability right now.  If you want it badly I'd wait until it hits amazon. It releases July 3rd but you can get it now for preorder. And so I will leave you here. Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....


  1. Being honest here, I don't own a sigle Cici&Sisi plate because they never interested me. I mean... I don't find their images that appealing for me to purchase them. I like a couple od random images from some of their plates, but that's it. My rule is that at least I have to like at least 5 images from a plate for me to purchase it and C&S never reached that level with me.

    Also, I have small nails, even when they are long, so most of the details on some of their designs are probably going to get lost on my nails. The only plate I really wanted was the Holloween one they released last year and it's being in and out of my cart so many times it's not even funny anymore lol

  2. That might be the best rule I've ever heard of 5 images eh? I haven't liked any of their sets since the first 2 collections hence I haven't bought anymore. I may get this one plate with the little zebra head owl one cause those images are too cool but nothing else. Cici&Sisi strikes me as kind of a company that slovenly puts their plates together. They don't think of images that tempt their customers and its kinda sad. I mean one of the last sets they released had a image of a man's ass on it I don't know too many ladies that would want to walk around with that on their nails :/ I love new plates but only when they are exciting enough that I want to buy them and in general these aren't it but I try to at least be non-partisan and put up all plate releases.


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