Friday, July 10, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press; MoYou London Origami Collection!

Yo stamperistas,

I think this along with one of other MoYou London Zodiac Collection post will catch me up with all the new current plate releases.  That will be nice since afterwards I'll be taking a break for the rest of the month due to health concerns.  I have one post for new plates pending that is just waiting for the platemaker to release and that will be all phew!  Expect my healthier happier return at the end of the month and of course I can't wait to here which plates everyone has been purchasing.  Now let's do some Origami shall we?

Here we go.  I don't recall this mascots name but it doesn't matter...l

Here's the thing I really love Origami mainly because I love papercrafting of all kinds.  I have only recently gotten a bit into quilling but I have done all kinds of origami and snowflake paper crafts for years.  When you get really good at the craft you can create some of the most amazing things.  I also love cardmaking which I consider to be a subset of papercrafting so yeah I'm loving these images.

I love it even more when they do a nice large one for longer nails!  Lol <--- biased much? The origami flowers and pinwheel as well as the butterflies and boats are way too much.  There is a childrens hospital here in DC where you walk in and the entire entryway is full of thousands of patient crafted and love one crafted paper cranes.  Its like an epic extension of the 1000 crane wish project.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! This plate is beautiful, but its a tiny bit hard for me to imagine how I would use these images precisely for my nail art.  This is one of the most experimental collections I have ever seen from MYL btw that is a massive compliment.  I haven't been this surprised in a while.

Wow!  Again really cool! Maybe something gothic and cathedral with these patterns.  I like this plate however the image in the right hand lower corner looks lazy lol.

This is so cute! That little dragon is like Charmander or a GOT dragon only less fierce.  Lol I have to have this plate.  Btw origami animals are some of the most difficult to make especially the 3D ones.

What are these little unicorns and flamingos in giant size? This is even cuter in the larger size.

Things kinda fall down here.  Its gets a little lazy these dots in pattern are pretty basic and not very exciting especially since we already have the Holy Shapes plates and the Illusion Collection.

If only you could see my scowl here.  Its full blown I don't like this plate.  The stars are adorbs though.

Better and back to being fresh and transcendent.  I like it.  I like it A LOT! PPS the pinwheels here are amazing!

It's even better when it's larger.  I love these images.  This is a gorgeous plate.  So I love this collection.  I've already admitted I'm biased.  Do you like it?  I am late I wanted to put these up a while ago apparently MYL is having free shipping right now.  The free shipping ends tonight.  I hope some of my readers are able to see this before its too late.  You can find these plates and more on the MoYou London website.  These plates retail for the usual 4.99 GBP.  BTW apparently MYL is also now selling the individual marshmallow stamper that they revealed 2 weeks ago for 6 GBP compared to the 9 Euro's for both.  Not a bad deal at all.  Btw I have some new stamper heads to show you guys soon that are pretty much commiserate with these new MYL stampers ahem and they cost a hell of a lot less and they each come with a holder oh yeah and their local to the US.  Not bad right?  Then again that's a whole nother review ;) In any case thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....


  1. What unusual plates - they were really thinking outside the box! I am sick and tired of the tons of flowery images. I like more geometric images and it seems to be not many out there. It's great to see something different in the stamping world. Whatever your health issues are, hope you recover super quick and fully! Thank you for the review and photos.

  2. There are definitely some must haves in this collection. The only thin I don't like is that some of the images on 03 are cut off on 04. Like the image on 04 top left, and also the image fourth from the left. Also the unicorns have more detail in the larger version. I'll definitely be investing in quite a few of these. I love when you do your press releases because I get way more detail than looking at them on their site, so thanks. Feel better soon love.


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